Yarn Guilt

Do you remember yesterday when I told you I was OK with going over my allotted yarn within my yarn diet? Apparently that was a lie.

Last night I was up for three hours in the middle of the night stressing about buying so much yarn. It isn’t because I won’t use it (I will use it). It isn’t because I can’t afford it (I can afford it). It is simply because I am breaking the rules I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

I am now very tired and looking forward to going to bed early. I can’t change the fact that I bought the yarn. I can make darn sure to get a lot of knitting done this summer. If I knit fast enough I should be able to be in the black again by the end of August. I hope I sleep better tonight. I do think losing sleep over buying yarn is pretty ridiculous and will probably keep me from going off budget ever again.

Knitting makes me crazy. I’m not the only one, right?


Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival

You guys. The Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival was amazing. It was so much more fun than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be really great. It was like all of my favorite parts of the state fair were in one air-conditioned building without massive crowds. It was lovely.

I loved the hall of breeds. The most interesting to me was the Jacob sheep, because of the four horns. We also saw Corriedale, Romney, Cormo, and Rambouillet. I have knit with wool from most of those breeds, and it was cool to see them in real life. It felt like seeing a celebrity (I might need to get out more).

My favorite sheep was a Shetland. I got to hold her. I wish I would have brought a bigger purse, because I think I could have stuffed her in my bag and taken her home.


Next to the sheep there was a big market. It was the biggest market I’ve ever been to before. We walked around for over an hour. We met incredibly friendly vendors. We are now planning a trip to Colorado to learn more about alpacas.

In a shocking turn of events, my attention span for perusing yarn ran out before the market selections did. In the end, I bought yarn from two booths, both of which I also bought from at Fiberpalooza. Their booths were as beautiful as their yarn. I want to make the shawl that was on display at the Yarn Geek Fibers booth.

I bought one skein from Yarn Geek Fibers. I bought a skein of her Super-Geek (75% Corriedale Wool 25% Nylon) in the Grace Hopper Colorway. I love that she names all of her skeins after scientists. Grace hopper was a computer scientist, and the yarn is destined to be socks for my computer geek (John). Her skeins are generous at 113 gr, so I might be able to make Audrey a pair of socks out of what is left over.


I bought two skeins at Garden Wool & Dye Co. (formerly South Dakota Yarn Co.). I bought a skein of her sustainable merino (100% sustainable new merino wool). in the colorway milkweed. I was drawn to it because it is the color of a raspberry push pop. It is dyed using cochineal, which is extracted from insects in a process that sounds gross but makes pretty yarn.

I also bought a skein of 100% Cormo wool from Minnesota in a medium-wash denim colorway that is dyed with indigo. The sheep that that skein is from is named Dalai. I used some yarn from the same farm when I knit my diamond girl hat earlier this year. I’m looking forward to knitting with that wool again.


After shopping and cuddling sheep we were ready for a good meal, so we headed to The Cafe for an amazing brunch. After one passion fruit bellini I signed up for the Garden Wool & Dye Co. CSA. For $90 you get one skein of yarn in the weight of your choice every month for three months. You pick a color when you sign up. I signed up for blue, but I’m thinking green may have been a better choice.

Had I not signed up for the CSA I would have been within my yarn diet. I am OK with that. I don’t plan on buying much more yarn this year, and I plan on knitting a whole bunch, so I’m sure I’ll be back in black by the end of the year…

….unless I go to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in September.

WIP Wednesday: 22/52

Happy Wednesday! I’ve put off writing this post all day because I really thought I would be able to show you one finished sock. Unfortunately that didn’t happen (darn kids and their short and/or non-existent naps!). I am very close, and with any hope I’ll be finishing this sock tonight. I will be picking up the toys before I start knitting. Probably. 20180606_1908401016252877.jpg

I started a scarf last week. I had no plans to knit a scarf, much less a garter one, but I was going to a movie (Book Club – hilarious!) and I can only knit rib or stockinette socks in a theater. So I dove into my stash, found yarn, and cast on. The yarn is knit collage. It’s a sparkly hot pink silk. I bought it when my favorite yarn shop was closing and I was blinded by discount yarn and the emotions of losing my home yarn shop. This is a case of falling for the look of a yarn without thinking about how you will never want to wear an item knit with the yarn. Audrey loves it though, so it all works out in the end.


I’m really enjoying having a completely mindless project to work on when I find time to pick up knitting. For the next week I hope to start the second vanilla latte sock and work a few inches on my scarf. We have been on the go and I just haven’t found time to sit down and knit.

WIP Wednesday: 21/52

Happy Wednesday! As expected, I did not get as much knitting as I had hoped done on my trip last weekend. Even with knitting much less than normal I’ve been able to make some good progress on my vanilla latte socks.


I picked up the gusset when I was out visiting Ivy at her farm. I forgot my notions bag so she lent me some stitch markers she got in her yarn subscription box last month. I’m sure she would want me to tell you that the stitch markers are part of the theme that month (The CW show Supernatural), but I think it is more fun to think that she has a thing for the dark arts.

I love how the socks are knitting up. The colorway is perfect for my current obsession with margaritas. I am amazed at how much I have to think about the pattern, as it is incredibly simple. I think it might be a sign that I am too distracted to knit.

This sock is the only thing I am currently working on. I have been spending a great deal of time on Ravelry looking at shawl collar cardigans for myself. I’m really feeling an undyed cardigan to wear over all of my t-shirts in the winter. I have plenty of things I should be knitting (cough, SYSKO, cough), but I am obsessed with finding the perfect cardigan instead.

Do you ever get distracted by dream projects instead of knitting things you should be working on?

Ambitious Packing

We are heading out-of-town tomorrow for a graduation party. My lovely niece is graduating from high school. I’m excited we will be able to help her celebrate. I’m also excited about the three hours I will spend in the car knitting on the way home on Sunday (John called dibs as the passenger tomorrow).

When I travel I tend to pack knitting projects like I’m going to a silent retreat alone for a week. I pack way too many projects.

For this trip I’m trying to stick to only bringing one pair of socks. Realistically I know I won’t have that much time to knit. That isn’t stopping me from thinking about throwing the yarn for the scrap yarn shawl knockoff and fingerless mitts. Or maybe some extra sock yarn, just in case.

I have a problem. An overly ambitious knitter packing problem. Please tell me I’m not the only one with this affliction.

WIP Wednesday: 20/52

I’ve made great progress on my Felici socks. I am worried they are a smidge small. I think I’ve had that scare with Felici on a 3×2 rib before and they blocked out fine. I’m hoping that happens again. If it doesn’t I’ll give them to my Aunt who loves hand knit socks. It will all work out in the end.


I’m so close to being finished I have already pulled out the yarn for my next pair of socks. I’m using La Jolla in Tequila Sunset. I’ve never used their yarn before and I’m excited to try it. I’m not sure which pattern I’ll be using. I would like something like the Simple SKYP sock pattern, but not that one as I’ve made it a lot in the past year. If you have any suggestions please send them my way.

I hope to have more than one project on the needles by next week. I think two projects at once is a comfortable place to be.