WIP Wednesday: 22/52

Happy Wednesday! I’ve put off writing this post all day because I really thought I would be able to show you one finished sock. Unfortunately that didn’t happen (darn kids and their short and/or non-existent naps!). I am very close, and with any hope I’ll be finishing this sock tonight. I will be picking up the toys before I start knitting. Probably. 20180606_1908401016252877.jpg

I started a scarf last week. I had no plans to knit a scarf, much less a garter one, but I was going to a movie (Book Club – hilarious!) and I can only knit rib or stockinette socks in a theater. So I dove into my stash, found yarn, and cast on. The yarn is knit collage. It’s a sparkly hot pink silk. I bought it when my favorite yarn shop was closing and I was blinded by discount yarn and the emotions of losing my home yarn shop. This is a case of falling for the look of a yarn without thinking about how you will never want to wear an item knit with the yarn. Audrey loves it though, so it all works out in the end.


I’m really enjoying having a completely mindless project to work on when I find time to pick up knitting. For the next week I hope to start the second vanilla latte sock and work a few inches on my scarf. We have been on the go and I just haven’t found time to sit down and knit.


WIP Wednesday: 21/52

Happy Wednesday! As expected, I did not get as much knitting as I had hoped done on my trip last weekend. Even with knitting much less than normal I’ve been able to make some good progress on my vanilla latte socks.


I picked up the gusset when I was out visiting Ivy at her farm. I forgot my notions bag so she lent me some stitch markers she got in her yarn subscription box last month. I’m sure she would want me to tell you that the stitch markers are part of the theme that month (The CW show Supernatural), but I think it is more fun to think that she has a thing for the dark arts.

I love how the socks are knitting up. The colorway is perfect for my current obsession with margaritas. I am amazed at how much I have to think about the pattern, as it is incredibly simple. I think it might be a sign that I am too distracted to knit.

This sock is the only thing I am currently working on. I have been spending a great deal of time on Ravelry looking at shawl collar cardigans for myself. I’m really feeling an undyed cardigan to wear over all of my t-shirts in the winter. I have plenty of things I should be knitting (cough, SYSKO, cough), but I am obsessed with finding the perfect cardigan instead.

Do you ever get distracted by dream projects instead of knitting things you should be working on?

Ambitious Packing

We are heading out-of-town tomorrow for a graduation party. My lovely niece is graduating from high school. I’m excited we will be able to help her celebrate. I’m also excited about the three hours I will spend in the car knitting on the way home on Sunday (John called dibs as the passenger tomorrow).

When I travel I tend to pack knitting projects like I’m going to a silent retreat alone for a week. I pack way too many projects.

For this trip I’m trying to stick to only bringing one pair of socks. Realistically I know I won’t have that much time to knit. That isn’t stopping me from thinking about throwing the yarn for the scrap yarn shawl knockoff and fingerless mitts. Or maybe some extra sock yarn, just in case.

I have a problem. An overly ambitious knitter packing problem. Please tell me I’m not the only one with this affliction.


I am so happy it’s nap time. We’ve had a big morning. I’m ready for a nap myself, but before I sleep I thought I would share our morning with you.


My mom found an electric griddle for me at her church garage sale. Pancakes have never been so easy to make. I can also see a grilled cheese party in my future.


Audrey now fits into one of the cutest outfits my niece ever wore. She will be in her strawberry outfit most of the summer.


I put my blanket on my bed to continue drying. It is so pretty I had to share it again. It is probably the last time I will make you look at it. Unless you are at my house, and then you are for sure looking at it.


I took the kids out to lunch with friends to celebrate my friends daughter finishing her year of preschool. The good news is both kids enjoy Indian food. The bad news is they were horrible. It’s like we never let them out of the house. On my to do list for this summer is to get them out more so they learn to behave. That or we aren’t going out to eat again until they are in high school.


In addition to the rest of our morning I finished my socks. They are currently blocking. If Audrey ever falls asleep I’ll be casting on Vanilla Latte Socks this afternoon (thanks for the tip, Karen!).

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to cast on some socks or nap. I’m not entire sure which I will choose.

WIP Wednesday: 20/52

I’ve made great progress on my Felici socks. I am worried they are a smidge small. I think I’ve had that scare with Felici on a 3×2 rib before and they blocked out fine. I’m hoping that happens again. If it doesn’t I’ll give them to my Aunt who loves hand knit socks. It will all work out in the end.


I’m so close to being finished I have already pulled out the yarn for my next pair of socks. I’m using La Jolla in Tequila Sunset. I’ve never used their yarn before and I’m excited to try it. I’m not sure which pattern I’ll be using. I would like something like the Simple SKYP sock pattern, but not that one as I’ve made it a lot in the past year. If you have any suggestions please send them my way.

I hope to have more than one project on the needles by next week. I think two projects at once is a comfortable place to be.


I had a hard time coming up with a topic to write about today.

I could write about how Elliot has taken to climbing the learning tower and throwing toys to the floor. Even metal toys. Our floor has new scratches in it.

I could write about how I realized my borrowed digital copy of Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime is due in three days and I really need to finish it. I cannot begin to explain how interesting that book is, so finishing it won’t be a problem if I can find the time.

I could write about how Audrey now says “Mama, I’m sick of you” and “Mommy I don’t like you.” It breaks my heart. I responded to her with words I remember my Mom saying to me, so I sent my mom a text to apologize for being a jerk.

I could write about the cute things that happened today, like Audrey saying maybe we would see R2D2s at the Kansas City Zoo and Elliot attempting to blow bubbles.20180517_170926883889581.jpg

But instead I’ll just show you my finished sock, because I am not up to a long, thoughtful post today.

I messed up the decreases on the toe. It turns out decreasing while pushing kids on the swings doesn’t work as well as I would have hoped. I decreased on rows that I should have decreased on twice on the top of the sock. I decided it worked and I’m not going to tear it out. It’s still comfortable.20180517_19043658301587.jpg

I hope you had a wonderful Thursday.