I had the best afternoon. My kids spent the day at John’s parents. I spent the afternoon with my Woolies, Jess and Ivy.

We started out with a Mexican feast, complete with margaritas (the official drink of the Blogville Knitters Sunday Skype).

While enjoying lunch we discovered that we all have amazing taste in socks. Yarn is Nomadic Yarns in Plant Parenthood. Sock matching was not planned.

Please note that Jess is not a messy eater. She was sitting where Elliot usually sits. He is a very messy eater.

After a huge lunch we spent some time knitting and chatting like we don’t spend all day on Marco Polo talking to each other. I even wound my yarn for the Water shawl that I get to cast on Monday morning.

I hope you are having a good Saturday too.

Grab Bag Goodness

Last week I got a message from Ivy telling the Woolies she just bought a jumbo grab bag from Stitch Together Studio. When I hear about my friends buying yarn I immediately want to do that too, so I headed to Stitch Together to snag a grab bag before she ran out. The grab bag was around $100, and it was well worth it. I didn’t know what would be in the grab bag, but I knew I would be happy with whatever I got.

The grab bag included a sewing merit badge, a funky faux fur pompom (Audrey has already requested it), a candle in the llamas scent (it smells like fresh laundry and flowers, not a farmyard), two kinds of wool wash (including one that is made in Iowa), two buttons, a project bag, and some stickers. I have a feeling the knitting Krampus sticker will be heading to one of my Blogville buddies. All of these trinkets were are a fun surprise, but the real treasure was the yarn.

There were three mini skeins, which will be put to use in my scrap blanket. There was skein of neon yellow and green fingering weight yarn, which is something I normally would not pick. There was a skein a sparkly green yarn that I love and will probably become socks. There were two sport weight skeins, one of which reminds me of an exploding TARDIS. There was a tomato orange DK skein that is going to be some sort of hat for Elliot. There is also a worsted skein that is begging to be used in a colorwork hat or cowl.

This was an amazing package to open up. I am excited to try everything out, including the neon yarn. If I could sign up for a quarterly grab bag I would do it in an instant.

Have you ever purchased yarn without knowing what weight or color you would receive?

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been working away on my projects this week. I’m shocked how much work I’ve gotten done on the sweater. I need to thank Liz for leaving a comment on the sweater last week, as it got me thinking about it, and I remembered why I started the sweater in the first place. I think I’m really going to like wearing this when it is done. I’m now past the pockets and I’m about halfway to the yoke. I changed the stitch markers and progress keepers to gifts from good friends, and that small change has me cruising along as I think about knitting friends.

I’m trying focus my work on the Outline Wrap, as I would like to use the needles for the Water shawl starting next Monday. I have 10 20g skeins to go after my current color, so the chances of me finishing this by next Monday are slim to none. I’m having fun working on this as I listed to podcasts and I watch TV. If I were to make it again I would add two or three more repeats, as I would prefer a wider wrap.

Progress marker shows where I was last week.

How are your projects coming along? Have you rekindled fondness for any of your projects?

Sock It To Me Monday

I finished my February little known holidays sock club socks in the Mad for Plaid colorway. I am now addicted to sport weight socks.

I’m going to cast on a new pair of fingering weight socks this week, and I imagine they will feel very slow after two pairs of sport weight socks in a row.