WIP Wednesday: 49/52

This week I feel like I haven’t made much knitting progress. I feel like I have been running around trying to get things done for Christmas and haven’t taken time to knit. On Sunday I didn’t knit one stitch. That is incredibly unusual.

I’m making progress on my socks. I will have to pick up the pace if I’m going to wear them more than once before Christmas.

The Project Peace cowl is moving along. I’m not going to do all of the repeats of the small triangles that are called for, as I’m making it for Audrey not an adult. The pattern calls for an i cord bind off, but I think I’m going to skip it. I do love how an i cord bind off looks, but I’m knitting this in a heavier weight than called for. I think the cowl has enough heft without the i cord.

I haven’t touched my shawl this week. I love the shawl, but I have a hard time reaching for it when I sit down to knit. I think that is because I’m alternating skeins, which makes it less mindless than I’m in the mood for.

Have a great week!

Bulky Waffle Hat

On Wednesday I mentioned that I was thinking about making a hat for my brother. By Thursday night I had moved from the idea of possible making a hat to selecting a pattern (Bulky Waffle Hat by Linda Suda). I pulled out some Wool of the Andes bulky from my stash and got to work…

…well, I tried to get to work, but I don’t have a pair of size 10.5 16 inch needles. I grabbed a pair of 9s instead and knit the largest size assuming it would work. I tossed it all in my knitting bag and headed to St. Louis.

Going down a needle size and up a pattern size worked out great. One thing that didn’t work? Forgetting a 40 inch needle to switch to magic loop at the decreases. Luckily my friend’s daughter likes colored pencils, so I grabbed them and told myself they were close enough to the needle size to work.

The pencils worked great, and I ended up with a hat I like a lot.

When I gave it to my brother he said “I already have a hat.” I had to make him take it at the end of our time together. I should know better to make a hat for someone who doesn’t care about knitting. It’s all OK though, as I now have less yarn in my stash.

I hope you were able to complete a project this weekend too.

WIP Wednesday: 48/52

Happy Wednesday! Good news on the sweater front: the buttons don’t look as bad when the sweater is on. That is great news, as I have reached my limit for button sewing for the year. 

I finished the first Up All Night sock in the Elliot colorway. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this pair (when I eventually finish them, probably months from now).

I took the advice from your comments, and started candy cane socks. I love how fast self striping yarn works up. The socks are looking a little more Waldo than peppermint, but that is fine with me.

I also started the Project Peace 2018 cowl. Project Peace runs until December 21, ending on World-Wide Knit for Peace Day. I love the idea of the project. I don’t love the pattern. It just isn’t something I want to wear. The pattern calls for sport weight, but I’m knitting it with DK from my stash without any adjustments. I didn’t do a gauge swatch – it’s a cowl, what is the worst that will happen?

I’m thinking about casting on a bulky weight hat. I’m meeting my brother at the Kansas City Zoo this weekend. I think that if he will hang out at the zoo with me when it is below freezing he deserves a hat. Just because he deserves one might not be enough to get me working on it however, it all depends on how the rest of the week goes.

Have a great week! I hope you are productive!

Button Trouble

I finished Elliot’s sweater a couple of days ago. I waited patiently for the buttons to arrive. I found the perfect buttons from GloriaPatre Spin N Knit. The buttons were shipped off soon after I placed the order, I just had to wait for shipping from Canada.

Today was the day! The buttons arrived and I sewed them on. The timing was ideal, as I’m taking the kids to get their pictures taken tomorrow.

There’s only one problem.

Now that the buttons are here I realize that they are too small. I made an emergency run to JoAnn’s tonight. I left disappointed when I was not able to find toggle buttons that worked with the sweater. 

I just ordered longer buttons from GloriaPatre Spin N Knit. I hope they are here before Christmas, as I would like Elliot to have a Christmas sweater with the right size of buttons. 

As for photos tomorrow, I’m going to go with the too small buttons. I think it should stay shut, and it will look nice with what Audrey is wearing.

Do you have a button resource that you recommend?

November Blanket Progress

Little People toy for scale

The blanket finally feels like a blanket. I have about two more years of working on this blanket, one square a day, until I’m done. Tomorrow I start my Garden Wool & Dye advent calendar, and I’m looking forward to working some of that yarn into the blanket. 

I’m now going to try to sew the pockets on to Elliot’s Harvey sweater. I don’t mind seaming, but these are fiddley and I might end up throwing the sweater across the room and giving up on pockets. 

WIP Wednesday: 47/52

Happy Wednesday! It’s cold here, so naturally we spent the morning at the zoo.  I love the zoo in winter. The animals are active, so they are more fun to watch. We are usually the only people there when the temperature is below freezing, which means the kids can run around without running into people. I don’t know why more people don’t visit in the cold, but I suspect it may have to do with their lack of fleece lined jeans.

I really enjoy the start of winter. I like sipping hot tea and knitting whenever possible. 

This week I almost finished Elliot’s Christmas sweater. It is currently blocking (please excuse the bad photo, in the winter I block in the basement). I still have to sew the pockets on and weave in the ends. The pockets look awful right now, so I’m hoping that sewing them on will fix them. If not, this sweater might not have pockets after all. I am hoping the buttons get here next week.

I’m working on the toe of my first sock. I am almost ready to start working on socks again.

I’m about to cast on my next project. I’m making the everyday shawl. Instead of using a gradient kit I’m using Shibori-dyed yarn. I’m going to alternate skeins. 

This is what the yarn looks like in hanks.

And this is what it looks like in cakes.

Once I wound the yarn it became obvious that the are too different to knit one skein at a time. 

Other than the shawl, I’m thinking I might knit up some mittens for the kids or slipper socks for my mother-in-law. I usually make her some felted slippers, but I really don’t like felting projects and I don’t think I have it in me this year.

Are you knitting any Christmas gifts this year?