Sock It To Me Monday 7/11

I’ve been working on the same pair of socks for over a month. I’m slowly making progress on them. They are my pride month socks for my niece in the Gay Power colorway from Dye Mad Yarn.

I’m in Cedar Falls all week with the kids. Audrey is going to a day camp with her best friend. I can’t remember the last time I was away from home for six nights. I may have overestimated how much I can accomplish.

I’m starting to think that I won’t be able to finish the sock, make three hats, a shawl, fingerless mitts, spin 3 braids and one batt while hanging out with three kids and my parents. Wish me luck.

FO Friday 7/5/22

I finished my Halloween sweater. I adore it. It is my favorite sweater I’ve made. I love the fit. I love the short sleeves. I love that the pumpkins are knit with my handspun.

This is the best photo you get. That’s what happens when Audrey and I have been at troop camp and are too tired to take good pictures. We had a wonderful time, and now I’m happy to be home.


Today I worked on spinning long draw. It was hard to change up my hands and my brain, but I’m glad I tried it. I’m spinning a batt from Knit Spin Farm.

We had a beach day today, so it might have not been the best choice to try a new to me spinning technique tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be plying some yarn. I’ll share it as soon as it is washed and is dry.

Camp Sarah Jane Take Two: This Time It’s Awesome

I had an amazing weekend. Kirsten came up without kids, and the two of us got to hang out as adults. We haven’t hung out as just adults for an extended period of time since the kids were born. We do so much with the kids…like the time we took four kids under four camping without our husbands on Mother’s Day weekend, or when we had so much fun doing a girls trip when we were both pregnant and the girls were one, so we did it again the next year.

I had so much fun doing Camp Sarah Jane with our kids earlier this summer, I decided to plan a Camp Sarah Jane for Kirsten. I even made her a t shirt. I can only hope that I get to attend Kirsten Camp later this year (my kids head there in August).

We started with knitting and spinning (naturally). After that we headed out on a walk. We foraged mulberries and raspberries along our route. We needed the energy for the big day ahead.

After a brief stop at Target (one of the only things we do without kids regularly) we headed to my amazing friend JoAnna’s for a High Noon tasting party. High Noon is my summer drink of 2022 – club soda, fruit juice, vodka. A can full of yum for 100 calories. JoAnna hosted the tasting party (for the three of us) in her blow up pool with cup holders. If you aren’t drinking tasty drinks in matching swimsuits with your BFF are you even having a girl’s weekend?

After trying several flavors of High Noon (pineapple was the winner for me) we ran back to my house to change for our next activity: smashing shit. For another friend’s birthday we went to a smash room and took out some frustrations. We blasted Lizzo and bashed windshields while thinking about SCOTUS. It was so much fun. I think I need to go back, I have a lot of rage to work through.

What do you do after smashing stuff? Well, if the mall you are at has a Selfie Wrld (their spelling, not mine), you head there. I’m so sad I didn’t have time to slap on some make up between the tasting party and the smashing party, because there are some great photos.

At that point we were pretty tired and hungry, so we grabbed some grocery store sushi and headed back to my house. We were back in time for me to tuck the kids in. I was even able to go to bed before 10, which I loved.

This morning Kirsten braided Elliot’s hair, we had more coffee and knitting time, we headed to Bruegger’s for bagels and coffee, then hit up a few shops.

It was so much fun. I think I need to schedule another Camp Sarah Jane for grown ups weekend soon.

I hope you had a good weekend too! Tomorrow we will be celebrating by hanging out with neighbors and watching fireworks from the back yard.

Saturday Spinning

After a bit of time away from spinning I’m back at it. I’m loosely participating in the Tour de Fleece by checking in with Alissa and Liz every day.

On the wheel I have some BFL from Spin Me A Yarn in the Falling Leaves colorway. The colorway is full of muted fall colors. I would prefer deeper colors, but this is what is in my stash. I’m almost halfway done with this spin.

I have a bobbin full of a merino sari silk blend from Fiber Curio and Sundries in the Margaritaville colorway. Elliot described this bobbin as cupcake yarn. He’s not wrong. I’m going to chain ply this yarn, as I need A LOT of practice with that technique.

I’ve finished a few spins since I last talked about my spinning. The top skein is Canadian Arcott, which was delightfully bouncy. The middle skein is Rambouilette from Honey Gold Acres. It is destined to be something for John, as he has been asking for more blue accessories (not in those words, but he says he likes blue, so I’m interpreting). The bottom skein is Wensleydale.

My goal is to spin once a day during the tour. My plan is to update you every Saturday. I’m hoping I can get through some of my fiber. I’m also hoping to work on long draw spinning. I’m still working up the nerve to try it.

May and June Reads

I am somehow finding time to read before I fall asleep at night. I finished three books in May and eight books in June. Here is what I read, in the order I read them.

Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach. I now know a lot about the digestive system. This book was funny, and I learned a lot. I give this book five out of five stars.

Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe. I read this book because I read books that people want to ban. This books is a graphic memoir about a non-binary person growing up and discovering who E is. I am incredibly happy this book is there for any kids questioning who they are. Representation matters, and so does this book. I give this book four out of five stars.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry. This book was a treat. This is the kind of book that you read while your are brushing your teeth. Not because you can’t wait to finish the book, but because it is so enjoyable you are excited for two extra minutes with it. Spoiler ahead!! Skip to the next book if you are going to read this book!! I love that this romance novel does not force the protagonist to change. Some women are career driven, love living in the city, and don’t want kids. I don’t read many books where women like that are allowed to stay that way and be happy. It was refreshing. This book gets four out of five stars.

Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach. I’m in a Mary Roach phase. If you don’t like it you should blame Marilee, because she left a comment saying she loves Mary Roach so I decided to try more of her books. Anywho, in this book Roach talks with scientists, ghosts, and mediums searching for proof of the afterlife. I give this book four out of five stars.

Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession, The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank, and If Life is a Bowl of Cherries What am I Doing in the Pits by Erma Bombeck. I think Erma Bombeck is very funny. Her brand of housewife humor appeals greatly to this housewife. That being said, times have changed and some of her humor doesn’t age well. There were some excellent essays, but also a lot of essays where I fell asleep while reading them. I give these books two out of five stars.

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. This memoir, about the death of the authors Korean mother, was stunning. Zauner writes so well I could actually feel the story in my bones. She writes incredibly detailed descriptions of food and grief. I’ve been craving Korean food since reading this book, and I’ll be looking up the youtube cook she references. I give this book four out of five stars.

Knit for Health & Wellness: How to knit a flexible mind and more… by Betsan Corkhill. I consider knitting part of my mental health practice. Anti-anxiety drugs and knitting time both help me. I usually like reading books that illustrate through science how I am correct. Not so much this book. I read chapter after chapter saying “DUH!” over the pages. Maybe I would like this book better if I read it in the winter. I give this book one out of five stars.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall. You’re not going to believe this, but Luc needs to find a fake boyfriend to keep his job. And oh my gosh, you guys, he might like the cute fake boyfriend. No way! Fake boyfriend is sensitive and understands Luc like no one else. Oh no! Fake boyfriend is no more. Luc is so sad. Thank goodness cute fake ex-boyfriend taught him to work though his feelings instead of getting drunk and having anonymous sex. Oh phew! Fake boyfriend is back and now they are in love and it is so sweet. Sorry about the spoilers, but this cute book is obvious on every level, but still fun. I give this book three out of five stars.

Mrs. Frisby and The Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien. John has now read this book to both kids. They both loved it and can’t stop talking about it. I never read it as a kid, so I picked it up and read it earlier this week. It is a fun read, and now I don’t have to worry about Elliot telling me any spoilers. I give this book three out of five stars.

Now I’m off to read. Writing about books makes me want to get back to my book.