FO Friday

I finished the Hitchhiker. I enjoyed knitting this. The ease of a garter stitch project was just what I needed. I used pink and orange tweed from my stash. The label was lost long ago, so I have no idea what brand it is.

I tried it on. It is not me. I might try to keep it to use it as a scarf. It is far more likely that I will put it in my gift bin and wait for the right situation to present it as a present.

Did you finish anything this week?

Clown Shoes

I finished my slippers. They were a quick knit, and I love the shape. I used the Women’s Felted Slippers pattern by Monique Rae. In the past I’ve made a lot of Duffers – Revisited, but after knitting these I will be making more Women’s Felted Slippers.

The slippers are too wide for how I would normally like my slippers, giving them a bit of a clown shoe vibe. It is my fault, not the pattern. I used bulky wool instead of worsted. I just knit a smaller size and hoped for the best. I didn’t change needles or knit a gauge swatch because they are slippers and I’m lazy.

These slippers are knit holding two yarns together. I knit the first slipper changing the yarn combination every two inches, alternating pinks and purples, to create a variegated look. I was using four colors of wool. By the time I knit the second slipper I was sick of doing that, so I just knit with two colors until the yarn ran out and switched colors at that point. It worked out fine. I should have been lazy from the start.

I’m happy with my new slippers. My MIL gets new slippers every Christmas, so she will getting a pair of these this year. Do you make slippers?

FO Friday

This week I was able to finish a project. I made two Winter Walk hats. I made one for myself last month, but I ended up giving it to Jess when we went to brunch. I knew I wanted to make myself another Winter Walk, because I love the hat. I realized I had the yarn and the poms to make two more that match the hat I gave to Jess. I decided to knit two more Winter Walks so that Ivy and I can match Jess when we go to brunch later this month.

Do you ever give your knits away randomly? I often give away hats or cowls I’m wearing if a friend likes it. I know I can make another one. Jess is the same way, which is how I got my favorite mittens.

Toasty Mittens

I finished my Dreyma mittens today. They might look familiar, as I made a nearly identical pair for my sister for Christmas. I made one change when knitting my mittens, I added an inch to the cuff. I want my wrists to stay nice and toasty.

These mittens are knit out of Ístex Léttlopi on US 4 needles, so they should be incredibly warm. I hope I don’t have to use them until next year, but I live in Iowa and it is February, so I’ll probably need them soon.

I hope you are working on a project you enjoy.