WIP Wednesday: 23/52

Summer continues to be crazy and I continue to forget to pick up my knitting. I’m 2 days behind on my scrap yarn blanket. The sock I was going to finish last Wednesday night? That didn’t happen until Sunday. I don’t even have the ribbing done on the second sock yet.

I did manage to finish the hot pink scarf. It was well received. She was a little distracted when I made her take pictures, but I can assure you it did make her smile.

Please note the old bunny slippers she wears whenever we visit my parents. 

I have high hope for getting a lot of knitting done this weekend. Saturday Ivy and I are heading to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival. I think being around the sheep, producers, and vendors will get me excited to pick up my knitting. I also think I’ll blow through my 300 g of allotted yarn from my yarn diet. I’m pretty sure I’ll go over that, but I am OK with that as long as I make it up by the end of the year.

I hope you are pleased with your crafting progress. You won’t judge me if I buy too much yarn, will you?



I am so happy it’s nap time. We’ve had a big morning. I’m ready for a nap myself, but before I sleep I thought I would share our morning with you.


My mom found an electric griddle for me at her church garage sale. Pancakes have never been so easy to make. I can also see a grilled cheese party in my future.


Audrey now fits into one of the cutest outfits my niece ever wore. She will be in her strawberry outfit most of the summer.


I put my blanket on my bed to continue drying. It is so pretty I had to share it again. It is probably the last time I will make you look at it. Unless you are at my house, and then you are for sure looking at it.


I took the kids out to lunch with friends to celebrate my friends daughter finishing her year of preschool. The good news is both kids enjoy Indian food. The bad news is they were horrible. It’s like we never let them out of the house. On my to do list for this summer is to get them out more so they learn to behave. That or we aren’t going out to eat again until they are in high school.


In addition to the rest of our morning I finished my socks. They are currently blocking. If Audrey ever falls asleep I’ll be casting on Vanilla Latte Socks this afternoon (thanks for the tip, Karen!).

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to cast on some socks or nap. I’m not entire sure which I will choose.

Blanket Blocking

I finished my big blanket this week. The applied i cord was a breeze to put on, and it gives the blanket a great finished look. I’m so happy I decided to take that extra step. It only took about half of one of the two hanks of yarn I bought for it. I’m thinking I’ll try out some skimmer socks soon, as I love wearing tiny socks in my Chucks.

I brought the blanket with me to Cedar Falls, as my mom has a clothesline I could dry it on. I thought about just leaving it on my patio to dry, but then I remembered I have a large dog and two kids that run all over the patio and thought better of it.

Have you ever blocked a blanket before? I had not. The largest thing I’ve ever blocked, or even washed by hand, is a sweater (granted, that includes the cocoon sweater, which was basically a blanket). I was nervous. It felt like a large undertaking. I considered not doing it, but some of the yarn was given to me by friends with cats, so I knew I needed to wash it if I ever wanted to use it without sneezing.

Here’s how I blocked it.

Step 1: Let it soak. 20180522_134134597907800.jpg

I put it in the tub with cool water and two packets of soak and let it sit while I fed the kids lunch and put them down for a nap. Then I made bars (milk chocolate and caramel for the middle layer this time). I took the trash out. I got the mail. I was really looking for any excuse to avoid the next part, so it probably soaked for an hour.

Step 2: Roll it up


I put the blanket on top of two cotton blankets to soak up the water. Then I rolled it up.

Step 3: Hang it up


I hung it out on the line to dry. I draped it over three lines, which I hope will help it dry more quickly. I then spent about 20 minutes just staring at it and thinking about how pretty it is.

Have you ever blocked a huge project? How did you tackle it?

Finished Socks

You guys, I am so tired. Remember how my friend and I took 4 kids under 4 camping? Over Mother’s Day weekend? That was silly. Don’t get me wrong, it was also fun, I’m just super tired. Audrey didn’t fall asleep the first night, no one napped Saturday, and last night Elliot tossed and turned and cried from 10-3:30. Thankfully Kirsten had some Tylenol in her suitcase (what a well prepared mom! Good job, friend!). Elliot finally fell asleep for the night a little after that. The other kids were up at 6:30. So, yeah, I’m tired.

The drive home today was long. My sister lent me her portable DVD player, and I threw screen time limits out the window. The kids enjoyed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bob the Builder for the four and a half hour drive. The drive was a half hour longer than normal because we drove through a horrible storm.

We finally made it home and the kids crashed. The napped until we woke them up for dinner. Their long naps gave me the time to finish John’s socks.


Please note that the legs really are the same length – I neglected to make sure the socks were pulled up to the same height on the blockers. Oops.

The yarn is Madeline Tosh in the Home colorway. I love the colors, they are so calming. I love how the socks knit up, there was very little pooling. I did find knitting these socks to be a bit boring, which is often the way with plain vanilla socks. The boringness was exacerbated by the size of the sock needed to fit John. A 72 stitch round seems to take SO MUCH longer than a 64 stitch round.

I love that John adores hand knit socks, and I will continue to make them for him. I do, however, think that I will be making a few pairs for the kids and myself before I make him another pair.

WIP Wednesday: 17/52

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done this week, yet I still haven’t finished the second sock for John. I’m getting close to the heel though. We went to see Infinity War last night, and I discovered I can knit socks in a dark theater. I was able to get about three inches of leg done during the movie.


I have been obsessively working on my scrap yarn blanket. I finished weaving in the ends and I’ve started the applied i cord. I have never added an i cord edging before, and it has quickly become a favorite technique. It is really giving the blanket a finished look. I’m a little over a quarter done with the i cord. I hope to finish it before my next trip home to visit my parents, as I would like to use my mom’s clothesline to block it.


I managed to finish my hat last week too. It’s the Gretel Tam by Ysolda Teague. I’ve made it at least four times. The cables just make me so happy.

I’m not planning to cast on any other projects until the blanket is done….unless I finish the socks. A person should always have a pair of socks on the needles for on the go knitting.

What are you working on this week?

Big Blanket News

I have huge news regarding the blanket. The best blanket. The blanket I knit a two-inch square on every day, and have since the January before Elliot was born. The Knitted Patchwork Recipe scrap sock blanket that is my favorite thing that I have ever knit.

What? You don’t remember me talking about the blanket? That is probably because progress is so slow I haven’t bothered to mention it since last February. It is the first thing I knit every day. When I’m going to travel I make up the squares so I don’t have to take it with me, but every day from January 1, 2016 to April 20, 2018 is represented.

It’s big now. Not quite 5 foot on each side, but certainly big enough to snuggle up with. I’m going to sew in the ends (only the edges need to be sewn in, as sewing in the ends has been part of my daily work all along). I’ll be adding an attached I-Cord so the blanket has a finished look.


I don’t know how long it will take me to do the I-Cord, but that isn’t stopping me from starting my next Knitted Patchwork Recipe blanket. I’ll be casting on my first square tonight. It is so much a part of my day to knit a square I would really miss working on it.

I have to admit, I’m a little sad to be done adding squares on this blanket. There are so many memories stitched into the fabric. It represents a period of time that has been incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding. Time is going so fast, and I am having a hard time accepting that my blanket is already done.