WIP – Overwhelmed Addition

Happy Wednesday! I missed my regular Wednesday post last week because my site was down and my live in IT guy was riding his bike. I was planning on writing a catch up post all week, but I have been so busy it never happened. But I’m back at it now, and I have a lot of update you on.

My knitting needles finally arrived (3 months after being ordered), so I’m back to working on the owl sweater for Audrey. It is going very fast, which is a good thing because I’m afraid she will only be able to wear it this year. It is already the middle of August, so I really need to get going on the sweater if I’m going to finish it in time to convince my mom or sister to sew the buttons on for me by the time it gets cold. I hope to have the sweater finished and blocked by next week (this might be because I will see two possible button sewing helpers on Saturday).

The Wonder Woman Wrap is gorgeous, but sitting in a bag being ignored until I finish the sweater. I’m looking forward to picking it up again. I’m on the second yellow W. I’m nervous that I will run out of yarn, but I’ve weighed it and I should be OK. I want to quickly knit through that section to see if I’ll really make it. It will be a more relaxing project once I know I have the yarn to finish (or a very frustrating project if I need to decide if I’m going to splurge on another skein of yarn love yarn).

I’ve finished one self patterning sock for John, and should be able to get through the heel on the second sock before next week (if I manage to cast it on).

Let’s pretend the huge cardigan that still needs to be seamed doesn’t exist, OK?.

I’m feeling overwhelmed about all of my in flight projects. I think it is because Elliot is on a mission to go to the ER with a head injury, so I’m not able to knit as much as I was able to before he was so climbing everything. I’m hoping that even with significantly reduced knitting time I’m able to make some progress this week. Winter is coming, I can’t ignore the cardigan forever.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Summer continues to fly and the kids and I continue to be out and about most days. This week I did go to Cedar Falls for a girls weekend with my mom and sisters, so I had much more knitting time than I usually do.

I finished the watermelon socks. I love them.

I’ve started a pair of socks for John in a self patterning colorway. Self patterning yarn is even more fun than self striping yarn. I should be able to turn the heel today, and might finish the first sock by next week.

I’m plugging away on the Wonder Woman Wrap. I have two repeats done on the second W. Only 10 repeats to go until I’m done with the yellow. I’m hoping to be close to that by next Wednesday.

Because I haven’t done much knitting I’m trying to stay busy with yarn in other ways. I decided now that it’s August I should finally get around to the big pile of hand washing from last winter. I have three sweaters to wash; I’m hoping to get that done this week. I’m also going to sign up for Fiber Share this week.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I’m still exhausted and busy and loving summer.

I’ve made some progress this week on my knits. I’m about an inch past the heel on my second watermelon sock. I’m on the first yellow W in the Wonder Woman Wrap.

Next week I hope to be done with the watermelon socks and on the second W in the Wonder Woman Wrap.

I hope you are staying busy!


WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! This summer has been very busy for me, which has led to me forgetting to post for a few Wednesdays in a row. I’m still knitting, just not as much as I had been until summer hit.

I’m still waiting on my new size 8 needles to continue work on Audrey’s owl sweater. I ordered them from an outside vendor off of Amazon without checking the estimated shipping time. I have until August for them to arrive. That is a whole lot of waiting for needles. Lesson learned – sometimes you need to spring for expedited shipping.

I’m currently working on some watermelon inspired socks. I don’t have a pattern, so I’m making them up as I go along. I’m going to do a short row heel, which will be a change for me. I love a heel flap and gusset. I will post pictures next week.

I finished a pair of socks for John last night. As soon as I get pictures I’ll write a finished object post. He wore them today. I have a hand knit sock convert in the house. It is nice to have something to knit for him that he will wear regularly.

There you have it – my knitting in progress. It’s good for knitting to slow down when life gets crazy. I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Simple SKYP Socks

I enjoyed knitting the Simple SKYP Socks for Laura so much I decided to make my own pair. These flew off the needles, probably because I used size 2 needles instead of my usual size 1 for socks.

I always start my socks at the same part of the yarn colorway repeat, but I decided to live on the edge and not worry about that. This was a good pair to try that with, as I didn’t love the colorway to begin with. Even if their mismatched repeats bother me I would be more bothered by the 70s afghan portion.

After knitting these socks I have confirmed that I much prefer matching socks. I still like these though, the yarn is smooshy and they have a nice halo.

I need to branch out from making socks as they are getting kind of boring. I keep making them because I have a large sock yarn stash and they are so easy to pick up when I have 5 minutes to knit.

WIP Wednesday


I’ve been knitting more than I expected. Audrey hasn’t been napping, so I’ve been spending nap time sitting as quietly as possible in hopes that the quiet will lull her to sleep. I haven’t had luck with that yet, but I have been productive with knitting.

Currently I have a pair of Simple SKYP socks in progress. I just sewed in the ends on sock one and plan to cast on sock two later this evening. It looks like I’m using two clashing balls of yarn for these socks, but it is actually one ball of Chroma in Confetti, a colorway I wouldn’t have picked out. The leg looks like a 70s afghan and the foot looks like it was inspired by a My Little Pony. ¬†Despite the colors I kind of love this sock. It’s super cozy and colorful, two traits I like in socks. I’m going to live on the edge when I start the second sock – I’m not going to find the spot in the color repeat where I started the first sock. I always make my socks matching, but I’ve decided to go a little crazy with this pair. I’ll let you know next week how I’m feeling about it.

I haven’t gotten the cardigan out to seam this week because I’ve been busy in the evenings. I’m trying to be more social instead of staying at home drinking tea and watching HGTV alone. Don’t worry – by the time it is cold enough to wear the cardigan and cozy Chroma socks I will have finished both and I’ll be back to watching HGTV and sipping tea in my pajamas by 7:30 pm.

Have you been busy knitting? Do you usually make your socks match? What do you make, other than socks, that are mindless enough to pick up and put down several times throughout the day?

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I feel like so much has happened knit-wise for me to discuss with you this week, but that might be because I met a running buddy for wine so I am super chatty.

The cardigan is mid seaming! I’ve done the shoulder seams, sewn the arms in, and sewn one side seam. I really thought I would get it out and seam it and it would feel great and I would just get it all done in one evening. HA! It turns out the cardigan is not like the dorky girl in a teen comedy where you take her glasses off and she’s stunning. Nope. I still hate working on the cardigan.

The really annoying thing is I can now see that it is going to be great next winter and I’ll wear it a lot. I’m sorry if I see you IRL while wearing the cardigan and tell you about how much I hated working on it. In fact, if you mention that you understand how I hated the color, or you can see how ugly it was to work on I will immediately hate you. Just tell me it’s pretty, OK?

I’m pretty close to finishing John’s first sock. I need him to try it on, because I think it is long enough to start decreasing for the toe. He insists on finishing dinner before trying it on, and I think that if you are a grown man eating Kraft Mac & Cheese at 9:30 at night you can pause a moment to try on a flipping sock.

But if he forgets to try on the sock tonight I still have a project to work on, as I cast on a pair of simple skyp socks¬†with some Knit Picks Chroma I got in a $10 grab bag. They are fun, and look great in the yarn. I have better sock yarn to work with in my stash, but I didn’t need to wind the Chroma. I don’t plan on spending a lot of time working on these socks until John’s socks are done.

I mentioned last week that I was hesitant to cast on a new pair of socks until I started Audrey’s Owl Sweater. Well, I started it this week, and worked the yoke until the sleeves are put on waste yarn. I would love to be working on it instead of the Chroma socks, but I didn’t realize until I was cast on that I do not own a 16″ size 8 needle. I ordered one and it has shipped, but will not arrive until the end of the month.

This week I hope to finish sock 1 for John and be at the heel of sock 2. I hope to finish the seaming of the cardigan. I do not expect to pick up all of the stitches for the collar for a week or two. As soon as my new size 8 arrives I plan on getting Audrey’s cardigan finished.

I hope you’re having a great week and are getting things done!