WIP Wednesday

Audrey got socks earlier this week, so now it is Elliot’s turn. The main yarn is the same colorway as Audrey’s socks, this time in the Sturdy Sock base. I tried to get Elliot to go for sparkly socks, but he didn’t want it. His toes are leftover yarn (maybe Malibrigo?).

I’m going to make myself a pair of Rose City Rollers with the sparkly yarn next, and after that I’m going to knit with different yarn, because this is a lot of sock knitting with the same colorway.

What are you working on?

Craft Tote Week 4

Thankful Saturday

I’m thankful for sourdough. Slowing down and thinking about baking is helping me work through my COVID-19 anxiety. I’m exploring and trying new things. I’m also sharing my starter with anyone who wants to try their hand at sourdough.

I’m thankful for internet friends. I love reading your blogs, chatting with you in comments, and Skype and Zoom calls. I’m going to host a Skype call next Saturday at 7:30 CST. Let me know if you would like to join the call. I’ll do a morning call again soon, which will hopefully work better for the people who are asleep at that time.

I’m thankful for walking meditation. When I can get my daily meditation (OK, daily is the goal, I’m not there yet) and my daily walk in at the same time I feel like I’m really accomplishing things.

I’m thankful for a dog that herds me to bed when it’s time to put down the knitting and get some sleep.

What are you thankful for this week?

Arachne KAL Week 3

The web is done! I have a few more rounds to knit until I think I’ll be ready to separate for the sleeves.

I worked on this outside today while the kids played in the yard. I plan on doing that while I can, but soon it will be too hot to work on a sweater outside.

I’m giving myself about six inches before I start thinking about adding pockets.

Have you always wanted to knit an Arachne? Come join us!