Big Blanket News

I have huge news regarding the blanket. The best blanket. The blanket I knit a two-inch square on every day, and have since the January before Elliot was born. The Knitted Patchwork Recipe scrap sock blanket that is my favorite thing that I have ever knit.

What? You don’t remember me talking about the blanket? That is probably because progress is so slow I haven’t bothered to mention it since last February. It is the first thing I knit every day. When I’m going to travel I make up the squares so I don’t have to take it with me, but every day from January 1, 2016 to April 20, 2018 is represented.

It’s big now. Not quite 5 foot on each side, but certainly big enough to snuggle up with. I’m going to sew in the ends (only the edges need to be sewn in, as sewing in the ends has been part of my daily work all along). I’ll be adding an attached I-Cord so the blanket has a finished look.


I don’t know how long it will take me to do the I-Cord, but that isn’t stopping me from starting my next Knitted Patchwork Recipe blanket. I’ll be casting on my first square tonight. It is so much a part of my day to knit a square I would really miss working on it.

I have to admit, I’m a little sad to be done adding squares on this blanket. There are so many memories stitched into the fabric. It represents a period of time that has been incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding. Time is going so fast, and I am having a hard time accepting that my blanket is already done.


WIP Wednesday: 14/52

Happy Wednesday! I have been enjoying the 100 Days Project, but it is very nice to have a regular blog post subject today. It is hard coming up with ideas to write about every day. If there is anything you would like to hear about, please suggest it. I would be thrilled to receive some suggestions.

My knitting progress has been slow this week. I finished the hat I’ve been working on. It is the fourth time I’ve made the hat this year, so I figured it didn’t warrant another photo.

I have a few inches complete on John’s socks. The yarn is wonderful to work with (Madeline Tosh always is) and the colors are perfect for him. I am willing to bet these will become his favorite socks.


In addition to the socks I’m also working on the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus yarn bombing project. I’m also dangerously close to casting on fingerless gloves for my sister. She requested them so she could keep her hands warm while crocheting at track meets. I think that means I should finish them before the end of track season.

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: 13/52

Happy Wednesday. I’ve spent the last week knitting a lot of random things, and it has been refreshing.

After finishing the Diamond Girl Hat I focused on finishing the blue socks for Audrey. I always think kids socks are going to fly off the needles, and I’m shocked when they take more than a few days. I’m happy to be done with them. I hope that Audrey still likes them when they fit her.


Audrey asked me to make Mr. Giraffe (her best friend) a blanket. I couldn’t turn her down, especially because I had recently discovered a ball of Knit Picks Brava Bulky in my bag where I keep dishcloth cotton. The color is something I would never pick, but Audrey says that Mr. Giraffe’s favorite color is brown, so it worked out. I cast on 40 stitches and knit until the ball was gone.

After Mr. Giraffe got a blanket Audrey said Elliot’s animals needed one too. Luckily I found almost a full ball of Hikoo yarns Simpliworsted with the dishcloth cotton too. I cast on 35 stitches and knit until it looked done. Elliot loves the blanket. Margaret and the blanket came with us in the car to the library today.

I cast on a fourth favorite slouchy hat last night. I decided it would be a good project to have around when I don’t feel like working on my other projects. I have the pattern memorized, so I might keep the project in my purse to knit whenever I find time.

I am also working on a new pair of socks for John. I am using Madeline Tosh in the Home colorway. I love the colors in the sock, and I always enjoy knitting with Madeline Tosh yarn. I am getting burnt out on sock knitting, so I plan on taking my time knitting these.


Are you working on several projects? Do you have any big projects on the needles? Tell me what you’re working on. I love hearing from other knitters.

WIP Wednesday: 12/52

Happy Wednesday. It’s going to be 60 this afternoon, so it feels like spring is actually here. It’s not the weather that is feeling springy, so is my knitting. All of my projects are small – I’m not in the mood for a big, bulky project.

My knit while the kids play project is a pair of socks for Audrey. I’m about one inch from starting the toe on the first sock. These go fast when I actually take the time to work on them. They are just really boring, so I avoid working on them at all costs.20180328_1310381146532628.jpg

This is my first time working with this yarn, Sandnes Garn Sisu, and I like it. The yarn feels like it will hold up well, which is good, because I fully intend for both kids to eventually wear these socks. I love the color. It is such a bright blue, both kids seem happy with it.

I’m also making a hat for myself out of the South Dakota Yarn Co. I picked up at Fiberpalooza. The pattern, Diamond Girl, looks great with the yarn. I am using sport weight instead of DK weight, which will be good for a spring hat. I love how the hat is knitting up, but I am reminded why I haven’t knit lace in five years – you actually have to think about it. I’m not used to thinking about my knitting. 20180328_1311581281478462.jpg

In addition to the two real projects I’m working on, I’ve started keeping a dishcloth on the needles in the fruit bowl on my dining room table. Why? Because toddlers eat for a really long time. Each meal lasts about an hour. That makes for a lot of sitting at the table encouraging them to eat or be done with the meal. I’ve made two and a half dishcloths with this new technique over the past week. That is even more impressive when you realize I was gone for three days last week. I plan to keep a dishcloth going until I’ve replenished our dishcloth drawer (all of our dishcloths seemed to get holes at the same time).

Overall I’m not in much of a knitting mood lately. Or a reading mood. You would think I would be getting a lot of cleaning and organizing done, but you would be wrong. I’m mostly sitting around trying to figure out what to do with my downtime.

What do you like to do when you aren’t knitting?

WIP Wednesday: 11/52

Do you remember last week when I couldn’t decide if the yarn I picked out was beautiful or hideous? I have my answer.

Ugly Socks

So I made some really ugly socks. The more I look at them the more they delight me, even though I know they are garish and not at all my style. I am annoyed with how the yarn pooled. I normally don’t mind pooling, but this was too much .

The good news is the pattern was fun and flew. The pattern is Play Nice Socks by Meanest Mommy Knits. I really like Lisa’s patterns. If you are looking for a new sock pattern I suggest giving her a try.

As for the work in progress portion of my WIP Wednesday post? I have nothing on needles (OK, fine, I still have the cardigan in my closet and my sock yarn blanket, but I don’t have any updates on those).

I’m going to cast on two projects tonight. New socks for Audrey (which will be socks for Elliot next) and a new hat for myself in the South Dakota Yarn Co. I picked up last weekend.

I don’t anticipate those projects taking too long. I have a few more hats I would like to make, and I always like to make socks. I really need to come up with my next big project. I have enough DK yarn to make the kids a sweater, I just need to find a pattern that I like.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday: 10/52

You guys, I got so much knitting done this week. I don’t know how it happened. The kids took a couple of extra long naps, and wham, I finish two of the projects I was working on last week. It is a good feeling to actually make progress.

The first thing I finished was the cowl for my sister. I picked out the color and the pattern without consulting her after a conversation where she mentioned in passing that she would like a cowl. I told her I would make her another one if she didn’t like it, but she did so I don’t have to do that. It was a fast pattern to knit. It was pretty unmemorable, as far as projects go, which is illustrated by the fact that I don’t even have a picture of it.

I also finished Elliot’s cardigan. Audrey posed for the photos in it because Elliot will not sit still for photos.

I love the cardigan so much I bought the rest of Jenny Wiebe’s Little Old Man collection of cardigans. I hope to make him a Harvey cardigan later this year. I have had some red worsted wool in my stash for years, and this might be the project for it.

I’ve been working on finishing my Candy Shoppe Socks. I have been playing around with vanilla socks, and I like the simple detail I’ve come up with. It is a simple rib that goes down the foot on the outer edge. It makes vanilla socks slightly less mind numbing to work on.

I do love how fast Felici knits up. I hope to finish these tonight or tomorrow.

The next socks up are Play Nice Socks by Lisa Beth Houchins knit up in A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co in the Wicked Ass colorway. Ivy dubbed the colorway Ethical Toucan, and that is a really good description of the colors. I bought the yarn because I couldn’t decide if the yarn was beautiful or hideous.

20180314_1854301297892388.jpgIn addition to starting a new pair of socks, I am also going to cast on another The Favorite Knit Slouchy or finally make the Gretel Tam for myself (now that I’ve been talking about for months). It all depends on how long it takes me to memorize the Play Nice Socks repeat. If I have a hard time memorizing it, or if it is something I have to keep thinking about, I’m going to cast on the slouchy hat. I need to have at least one mindless project on the needles.

Once I’ve decided on a hat I’m going to start looking at my stash to come up with another big project. I have the yarn to make myself a sweater, but I’m holding out until September, as I think I’ve convinced Ivy to have a bang out a sweater month with me. We’ll see how that goes. It is to be determined if she has actually agreed of if I had a full glass of wine and heard what I wanted to hear.

What do you think I should make next?