Crying Over Spilled Coffee

If you heard a wail coming from the Mid-West this morning, that was me. A kid, wrestling another kid on the couch, spilled my coffee. All over my knitting bag. All over my scrap yarn blanket bag. All over my notions pouch. All over the six cakes of yarn I have wound and ready to go. I didn’t handle it well.

Most of it cleaned up. I now know that having a machine washable project bag and notions pouch is important to me. I’m hoping to have a more peaceful morning tomorrow.

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I’m actually making progress on the shawl, which is good. If I’m still working on the shawl in three weeks I’m going to be very dissapointed. I have a few projects in the wings, ready to cast on. I’m not letting myself cast on anything new, other than my planned February cast on, until I finish this shawl.

I’ve worked on the socks at swim lessons and times when I could knit while the kids were playing. It is slow going, but once I’m done with the shawl I expect these to fly off the needles. I’m about halfway done with the leg of the second sock.

I’m itching to cast on a hat. The faux fur pom poms keep tempting me. I am hoping to stop myself from casting anything on until I finish the shawl.

What are you working on this week?

Come From Away

Dear Blogville,

Until tonight, if someone were to describe a Broadway show to me as “A musical about planes diverted to Newfoundland on 9/11” I would have thought they were making it up. I certainly wouldn’t think it would become one of my top three musicals of all time. Yet here we are.

I went to Come From Away with Kathleen tonight. We were both blown away. The music is wonderful. The story is great. I cared about the characters. I now want to visit Gander, Newfoundland. If Come From Away comes to your town, you should go see it.



Like a Drunken Trip to Hobby Lobby

Yesterday afternoon I met up with one of my book clubs. After our meeting my sister, who is also in that book club, told me that she had a bag of craft things for me to take a look at. She said I could take what I wanted and donate the rest. She was setting low expectations. She gave me a treasure trove of kid craft goodness. I told her it was like I went to Hobby Lobby drunk and came home with all sorts of things.

Do you have any crafts you loved to do with preschoolers? I’m open to any ideas. The kids love crafts, and have come to expect a craft at least once a day. I’m running out of ideas.


I’ve bought a couple of knitting related things lately that I thought I would share with you. They are all things that I think are cool, so I think you should know about them.

Fringe Association has a sale on their knitmoji enamel pins. I fell hard for the sheep with heart eyes and the crying frog. I added them to my small pin collection on my knitting bag. I never wear my pins, butI do look at them a lot and think about how much I like them.

After learning how to bead I had a new appreciation for Hannah at the Corner of Craft. I stalked in January progress keeper club sign ups and was able to get a spot. It was a ball of yarn, and I love it.

I’ve finally fallen for big faux fur pom poms. I blame this fully on Grocery Girls Knit. I went to Etsy to find a pom for the Winter Walk hat, then things got out of hand. I found Naptime Knitter Designs, which has free shipping when you spend $35. Of course I wanted free shipping. The shop owner included a thank you note and a free pom pom with my order. I’m a sucker for a thank you note. I love these poms. The quality appears to be the same as the ones in my LYS. They have yarn to tie them inside of the hat, so I can remove them to wash the hat and I don’t have to sew a snap on. I will be buying from her again. I will also be knitting a lot of hats before I need to buy more from her. If you like poms you should check her out, these are affordable and nice. I spent less than $40 and got all of these.

In sad news, I just found out that the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival is no more. I loved that festival.

Have a great Sunday, Blogville.