WIP Thursday

Happy Thursday. I intended to post yesterday, but I was out until eleven last night watching a movie with my book club. We watched Wine Country, which was hilarious and fun.

I started a pair of socks last Saturday. I love having a really easy project on the needles for social knitting. I am going to complete one more stripe then turn the heel. I want to finish these in June, as they are rainbow socks and I am telling myself they are for pride month. I wish the rainbow colors were bolder, but these will do. I’ll just be on the lookout for bold rainbow yarn the next time I go yarn shopping.

On Monday I started a wedding gift for this Saturday. My cousin is getting married. Both he and his fiance are Iowa State fans. I decided to whip up a pair of hand holding mittens for them to wear while tailgating next football season. These have been a fun, fast knit. I still have to start the yellow cuffed mitten later today and with any luck I’ll finish it tonight.

I’m definitely in summer knitting mode. The only projects that interest me are small, easily portable projects. After I finish the hand holding mittens I am not sure what I’m going to work on. I might take another look at my Everyday Shawl, or I might make a few hats to have on hand next winter. The only think I know for sure is I won’t be starting a sweater.

I’m quite certain I’ve just jinxed myself into obsessively starting a sweater next week.

Sock It To Me Monday

It is very difficult to get photos of a three-year-old in brand new socks. Elliot’s socks are done, and I only have blurry photos. That kid won’t stand still.

He loves them and wore them today. Shorts, crocs, and hand knit socks is quite the look, and not many people over three can pull that look off.

I mistakenly referred to the yarn as Dreams in Color last Wednesday. The yarn is actually Dreams in Fiber. I like both yarns, but only Dreams in Fiber is local to me.

WIP Wednesday

If you want to feel like you’ve accomplished a lot of knitting without actually doing a lot of knitting, I highly recommend making short socks for a three-year-old.

I started these socks for Elliot on Sunday. I’ve already completed the gusset of the second sock. These are the first pair of socks I’ve made for Elliot. I always make socks for Audrey and assume they will be handed down to him. That isn’t going to work, as he already has feet the same size as her. 18 months doesn’t buy me as much size difference as I had hoped. I’m making these big for him in the hopes that they will still fit next winter.

I’m making an adapted version of Rose City Rollers. I was done with the heel of the first sock before I added the project to Ravelry and discovered I didn’t have to make up a kids version because a kids Rose City Rollers pattern already exists. I will be using that pattern next time to see if I like it better than my made up version.

The yarn I’m using is Dreams in Color, a local dyer. I’m not sure if she still dyes yarn, as I haven’t seen her at any markets recently. If you aren’t from the Des Moines metro area you’re probably more familiar with her work as a pattern writer – she designed Hermione’s Everyday Socks. I really like her yarn, which is good because I have several skeins in my stash.

I hope to have these done in time for another installment of Sock It To Me Monday. I can sense your excitement from here.

Rainbows & Donuts

Yesterday morning I was planning on packing before we met friends who were celebrating the end of the school year. I had the best plans to get things done. I was really going to focus.

Then I lost my damn mind. Instead of packing I made the kids matching rainbows & donuts sweatpants. I decided that if we were going to get donuts they should have matching pants.

I love how they turned out, sloppy sewing and all. I used the Mini Hudson Pant pattern and some knit fabric I found at JoAnns. I had issues with the pattern, but I’m 80% sure that was due to SWT (sewing while tired). I’ll be making these pants again. They have a women’s and men’s version of the Hudson Pant, so I’m trying to make holiday matching family pants a thing (I’ll let you know if I get John on board with this).

What crafty obsession have you been sucked into this week?

Sock It To Me Monday

I have to be honest: I think it would be really cool if I could knit a pair of socks a week and share them with you every Monday, only because I like saying Sock It To Me.

I finished my Rainbow Dashing socks. I love how they turned out. Yarn Geek Fibers is wonderful, and I highly recommend you check her out. She goes to a lot of fiber festivals around the Mid-West, so if you are regionally local you might be able to find her in person. Her skeins are 110 g instead of 100 g, which I really like because I like tall socks. I also like bonus socks, and in this case I have enough leftover to make Audrey a pair of Rose City Rollers.

I hope all of your projects are making progress. I also hope you will find a way to use the phrase “sock it to me” in conversation sometime this week. I also hope I’m not the only one who used to watch Laugh In on Nick at Night.