WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. It feels like I just wrote a WIP post, but the calendar assures me it was a week ago.

I’m past the gusset on the second Green Bay sock. I’m at the point where I should wind yarn for my next socks, but I don’t want to clear off the dining room table to make room for the swift.20190403_1411243148836536475322676.jpg

Before I start my next pair of socks I might darn a pair. I usually throw away socks once they get a hole, but these are some of my favorite socks. They are also some of my newest socks, which makes the hole rather annoying.20190403_141208382421476104437377.jpg

My sweater continues to chug along. I finished the sleeves, seamed, and blocked the sweater. It was clear I wouldn’t have enough yarn to do a shawl collar, so I bought some contrasting yarn to use.  I am using Burly Spun from Brown Sheep Company, Inc. It is a stark contrast to go from rustic farm yarn to mass-produced commercial yarn. I would not normally refer to Brown Sheep as soft yarn, but it is compared to the rest of the sweater. 20190403_1413013904334253372981099.jpg

I decided not to dye the sweater after all. Once the sweater was seamed it was clear that I didn’t like it enough to go through the effort. I will use it as a house sweater on extra cold days. I think it will be too warm for any day above freezing.

I decided to make up my own collar and button band as the collar in the pattern seemed wrong to me. I didn’t want to knit it and then sew the band on. I also wanted to make sure the collar had enough depth. I want a big shawl collar, and making it up as I go will give me that.

I don’t know what I’m going to use for buttons. I’m thinking I’ll dig up some random buttons from my stash instead of buying buttons. We shall see how that ends up.

I really want to be done with the sweater this week. I’m ready get started on my Everyday Shawl again.

What are you working on this week?


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Your socks look great!
    Sorry about the holes:( They’re worth darning if you love them. What is the yarn made of? I find that I wear right through 100% Merino in no time so I only knit socks if there is 20% nylon. It saves my sanity.

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    1. I’m pretty sure it was a 100% wool yarn, but I don’t think it was merino. I’m trying to switch to 100% wool even for socks, but if this keeps happening I’ll be sticking with a bit of nylon in my socks.

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  2. Your projects are all looking great! That’s a shame about the sock hole – maybe because they get worn a lot? But if they are comfy and you like them, then they are worth fixing up 🙂 Love your sweater modifications! That blue and white look great together, and a nice big shawl collar will make a cozy sweater for sure. Can’t wait to see it finished!

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