Rainbows & Donuts

Yesterday morning I was planning on packing before we met friends who were celebrating the end of the school year. I had the best plans to get things done. I was really going to focus.

Then I lost my damn mind. Instead of packing I made the kids matching rainbows & donuts sweatpants. I decided that if we were going to get donuts they should have matching pants.

I love how they turned out, sloppy sewing and all. I used the Mini Hudson Pant pattern and some knit fabric I found at JoAnns. I had issues with the pattern, but I’m 80% sure that was due to SWT (sewing while tired). I’ll be making these pants again. They have a women’s and men’s version of the Hudson Pant, so I’m trying to make holiday matching family pants a thing (I’ll let you know if I get John on board with this).

What crafty obsession have you been sucked into this week?

Tension Headache

I decided to take a break from knitting because of the shawl that shall not be named. I worked up two medium size Christmas themed project bags. I’m going to keep one and give one to a friend who knits a lot of presents for Christmas.

This project gave me fits. I could not get my tension right. My friend even came over to help. I tried 10 different tensions on my machine and kept ending up with thread barf on the bottom of my work.

After days of fighting tension she suggested I try a different thread. It was instantly better. I think it is the sewing equivalent of the help desk telling you to turn it off and turn it back on again. I won’t be trying to work with cotton thread again any time soon.

In the end I have two project bags that are OK to look at from a distance.

Now that I have my tension issues figured out I’m ready to get back to sewing. I cut out a new dress and hope to have it done in time to wear to the BINGO party I’m going to on Saturday afternoon (there will be boozy punch, a cheese ball, and prizes….I can’t wait).

I hope you are having better luck with your crafts than I am this week.

I Made A Dress

One of my resolutions this year was to make, thrift, or mend a clothing item if I need a new one. I hadn’t sewn a garment since I was in college (20 years ago), and that was pajama pants (not a difficult thing to make).

I’ve started attending a new church (OK, fine, “sporadically attending” would be a better way to phrase that). People at my new church dress up on Sundays, and I don’t have many dresses. I decided to go crazy and make a dress.


I made the Fen Dress by Fancy Tiger Crafts. Is it perfect? Hell no. Is it done? YES! I’m looking forward to wearing it for the rest of the winter. I used flannel, so the dress is nice and cozy. It’s basically pajamas I can wear in public.

I made lots of mistakes while making this dress, several you can probably see in this photo if you are an avid sewer. I have a hard time loving crafts that I’m not immediately good at. I did enjoy the process enough to want to sew more. I would like to get to the point where I’m OK at sewing. I don’t know if I’ll ever advance to zippers.

The Fen Dress pattern comes with a shirt version of the dress. I think I’m going to make that next. I want to see if the process goes better the second time I make the pattern.

Do you sew? Do you have any easy sewing patterns you would recommend? What is your favorite thing to sew?

South Marysburgh Slippers

I finally decided what to knit my mother-in-law. She loves felted slippers, so I usually make her a pair every year. I do not like felting, so I decided to take this year off. After a lot of searching I decided to make her slippers that weren’t felted. I think she will appreciate having a light weight slipper for days that are cool instead of cold.

I stumbled upon the South Marysburgh Slippers in my favorites on Ravelry. I was pleased that it was a free pattern and only used about 100 yards of yarn. 100 yards is all that was left of my gift knitting attention span, so it was ideal.

I love this pattern. It knits up quickly. I was able to finish one slipper at a knit night last night. I like how the slippers look. I’ll be making this pattern again. I have plans to make a pair for a friend soon. I might make a pair for myself too. I think it is a great way to use up a 50g skein.

I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted I had floating around in my stash. I imagine she will be happy she can throw these in the wash.

Last night was International Knit for Peace Day. Did you participate? Ivy and I had plans to eat cheese and drink wine at my house, but she suggested we visit Knitting Next Door in Ankeny for their Knit For Peace knit night. I am glad we went. It was a nice group regular knitters. all of whom were welcoming. As an added bonus, Christina, the creator of Project Peace was there too. I was able to show off pictures of my Project Peace cowl to the designer. It was a great night, and it left me feeling more peaceful (also more nacho full, as Ivy and I shared nachos after knitting).

I hope you are getting any Christmas knitting done that you planned to do. I also hope you are finding peace in your life during this busy season.

Blocked Nightshift

My shawl is blocked. I love how it turned out. It is huge, which will make it nice and toasty this winter.

Side note – did you know that you can sing “I’m a Shawl Blocker” to the same tune as the late 80s jingle “I’m a Wheel Watcher“? Good luck ever blocking a shawl again without singing that to yourself.20181112_1321217959585064451002238.jpg

I had so much fun knitting this shawl. I love that I was able to use yarn from my stash (mostly leftover from Mary-Claire’s wrap) to complete this shawl. I kind of hope someone asks for this for Christmas next year so I can make it again.20181112_1322165235149338418267555.jpg

Another side note – I might add photography to Audrey’s preschool home school curriculum so I can have someone else take pictures of me in my knitting.

Have a great week!