New Yarn!

If you have been a reader here for some time, you may recall that my friend Jess and I do a very tiny self-striping sock club. We take turns selecting and buying self-striping yarn to make matching socks. It all started with our Green Bay socks, followed by the Mondim socks, and most recently it was the Gothic Rainbow socks.

Jess and I recently met up to knit with Ivy over six feet apart in lawn chairs in Ivy’s yard. She gave me our newest yarn, which I can’t wait to knit up.

The yarn is Mint Rain Hand Dyed Yarns (a new to me dyer) in the colorway Christmas in Whoville. I love the teal and pink mixed in with the reds and greens. I can wait to get started on these in July for the Christmas in July sock KAL (info on the KAL coming next month).

Monday is June 1, which is the start of Pride month. I would love it if you would join me in knitting rainbow socks to show the LGBTQ community we stand with them. I’ll be sending a progress keeper or stitch marker to anyone who joins the KAL.

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope it brings you beautiful yarn and time to knit.

WIP Wednesday

Well, I can’t very well start a pair of socks, what with the Pride Sock KAL starting next Monday. I can’t knit on a sweater outside without getting incredibly hot. There was only one thing to do.

Grab a skein of lace weight from the stash (it helps if you find a nice Romeldale Suri Alpac blend). CO some stitches stitches. K2, YO, K to 2 stitches before end of row, YO, K2. On the other side K2, K1 TBL, knit to next YO, K1 TBL, K2. Repeat those two rows. Congratulations! You are knitting a triangle.

Now, as I was winding this yarn there was an incident.

The incident led me to throw away my swift and about 50 g of yarn. Great news: I have a new swift coming (thanks to Karen for the tip about American made swifts sold at the Loopy Ewe).

Because of the incident, I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn for a triangle shawl. If I don’t, when I realize I’m going to be short I’ll start knitting in the round and make it a shawl cowl thingy. Either way it will be fine.

I expect this shawl and/or cowl to be on the needles for years as it is already boring to knit. It will, however, be a great mindless piece to keep around for interesting television, good conversations, or hanging out with my Woolies (we get so chatty I forget to pay attention to my knitting).

Tasty Tuesday

I’m still baking, but it is mostly repeats at this point. I continue to make all of our sandwich bread. I’ve made biscuits and banana bread. I can’t stop making cinnamon swirl bread.

I’ll probably stop baking as much now that summer is almost here. I try not to turn my oven on because it heats up my whole house.

Have you been baking lately?

Sock It To Me Monday

I finished my Rose City Rollers. I loved working with this yarn, but I’m thrilled to be done with this project. Three pairs in a row with the same yarn is just too much for me.

We are one week away from the start of the Pride KAL. Let’s show the LGBTQ community we stand with them by knitting rainbow socks.

Craft Tote Week 8

This week Elliot made eggs twice (once with a huge mess), Audrey made sheet pan French toast (also with an eggy mess), we painted with water, did face paint (which I’m not getting better at), and made clay charms.

I enjoyed the clay charms when I made one myself, but I did not like doing this craft with the kids. They loved it. There was glitter, which we applied outside, but I’m still finding it all over the house.

I hope you had a crafty week.