WIP Wednesday

I was happily working away on projects for myself thinking I had weeks until Christmas until Kathy helpfully pointed out that Christmas is in two weeks. I have been so busy I forgot that time was actually passing. I cast on my Christmas present project and got to work. I’m about halfway through the second mitten. I’m using the Dreyma Mitts pattern by Jennifer Steingass and knitting with Letlopi. I am enjoying this project so much I just bought another skein of yarn to make myself a pair.

I’ve only knit a few rows on my Darwinian Evolution scarf. I continue to love it.

I can’t wait to get back to working on my sweater. I love it. The sleeves are attached now. I am hoping that speeds up the knitting. I have gauge, but the sweater currently looks too small, so I’m really hoping blocking stretches it out.

I hope you are making progress on your projects this week. Are you working on anything fun?

Sockhead Cowl Review

It is suddenly cold here. By the time I went for my walk it was 15 degrees (-9.4 C). The sockhead cowl stayed up the entire time. I was comfortable behind the pretty sparkles. I think I’ll be making one for John soon.

Last night John and I had a really great date. The only problem was we ate too early and we had to fill time before we could go home. I made him do a video to tell you about it.

Now I’m going to brew some tea and knit while watching knitting podcasts because Mondays call for self care.


Yesterday I got to the point in the sockhead cowl where I needed to just finish it. Tonight I accomplished that. I love the yarn. I like the finished product. I just got to the point where I was done having it as a WIP.

I think I will love having this on really cold days. I can pull it up over my nose and pull a hat down over my eyebrows and stay less frigid.

With the completion of this project I have knit all of the yarn that I purchased at the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival this year. I am now free to buy the yarn I want at the festival next year without any guilt. I will probably hold back though, as I have a fun trip planned to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival next September.

Wild Friday Night

I don’t know what you are doing to kick off the weekend, but I’m pretty sure you will be jealous of my night.

I have a mug of tea and a brand new game. I just need to wait for John to finish playing Lego and put Audrey to bed and then we can start the game.