skinnytaste Week 16

This week when I was planning our dinners (planning our dinners = vaguely thinking about what to cook this week) I asked John what he wanted to eat. He said pulled pork. I went to skinnytaste and found an easy crockpot pulled pork recipe (not that there are difficult crock pot pulled pork recipes…).

I also made her Kansas City style BBQ Sauce. It took less than 30 minutes to make and I think it is delicious. John thought it was pretty good, but not as good as his beloved Famous Dave’s Rich & Sassy (clearly named after the personality I will have once my ship comes in).

Fun fact: I was well into my 20s before I realized that there was more than one kind of BBQ sauce. I had only seen Kansas City style BBQ sauce, and now that I’ve tried a few other kinds I think that there is no reason to have any kind of sauce but Kansas City style BBQ sauce.

This pulled pork and BBQ sauce are making it into the regular menu rotation. I don’t think I’ll bother buying BBQ sauce again.

WIP Wednesday

I started a new pair of socks after finishing Audrey’s slipper socks. I’m making vanilla socks in Yarn Geek Fibers Super Geek in the Rainbow Dashing colorway. They might be my new favorite socks. 20190417_1640223584016623403994104.jpg

Instead of doing the reasonable thing and picking up the shawl I should be taking out of hibernation, I started a Northeasterly. I’ve made a few changes to the pattern as written. I don’t need another sock yarn blanket, so I’ve decided to knit the blanket in worsted weight. I have so many worsted scraps, so this will be a fun way to use them up. I’m knitting the blanket with size four needles, as I had a pair of size four needles out when I cast on. If I had taken more than 30 seconds to think about it I probably would have found a pair of size 6 needles instead. I do like the thick fabric though, so I’m sticking with 4s. 20190417_1641378608370266485246048.jpg

I do think it’s time for me to pull my everyday shawl out of hibernation and get to work on it. Maybe I’ll find the motivation to do that this week.

Whelp, That’s Done

I finished my sweater. Instead of a fancy photo, I thought I would show you how the sweater will be used: over pajamas, accompanied by a cup of coffee.20190414_100437771528131040570003.jpg

Should I block the button band? Yes. Am I going to? No. I sewed on the buttons, and that is enough.

With the completion of this sweater I’m back in the black on my yarn diet. Now I can start daydreaming about the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival in June.

skinnytaste Week 15

This week I made apples and spice baked oatmeal from the skinnytaste cookbook. I love baked oatmeal. It’s like eating cake for breakfast. As we have already established, I like it when breakfast tastes like dessert.

My only complaint with this recipe is how gross my pan got after making the cinnamon apples. It was the kind of sticky mess that makes you consider throwing away your pan. If I make this again I’ll make cinnamon apples how I normally do, because I know I can clean up that pan with ease.

Do you have any baked oatmeal recipes you would recommend? I love baked pumpkin oatmeal and tart cherry almond oatmeal.  I would like to try a few more recipes.

Finished Object: Slipper Socks

I finished Audrey’s slipper socks. She is a big fan. She doesn’t have the hang of sock modeling yet.20190412_1852433809006803645988040.jpgBut she did insist on taking a picture of the socks herself. 20190412_1853054304210108449137947.jpg

I finally convinced her to stand still so I could take a picture.20190412_1852381397308340706260430.jpg

I think they will be cozy and fun. I would make myself a pair if I could stomach the thought of making socks that tall for myself.

WIP Wednesday

I am ever so slowly making progress on my sweater button band. I’m past the button holes, so I’m getting close. The rows take a long time and the sweater is huge and awkward to work with, so I’ve been avoiding working on it. 20190410_1444488050085804356508407.jpg

I’m making knee-high slipper socks for Audrey. I’m using Cascade 220 that she picked out when we visited the yarn store.  I’m not worried about her walking through a pair of slipper socks before she grows out of them, only because I’m  pretty sure I’ll accidentally felt them before that happens.

I’m very loosely using the Basic Sock pattern from Sweaterscapes. I changed the heel to my normal heel, ribbed the top of the foot, and didn’t even look at the directions for the toe. Audrey loves them and can’t wait to wear them. I’m looking forward to finishing this project because I have a skein wound and ready to go to make myself some socks next. 20190410_1443465472141720597454433.jpg

It’s a cold and windy day here. I might use that as an excuse to spend the afternoon knitting instead of cleaning. I hope you are enjoying your week.