So Many Great Things

I should be writing a Sock It To Me Monday post, but I have too many things to tell you about and no photos of my sock, so you get run on sentences full of excitement instead.

Yesterday I went to a friend’s birthday party. She throws the best parties. Last year on her birthday we painted fox canvases. She threw an amazing BINGO party last spring, just because. This year it was a paint your own pottery party. I painted a yarn bowl and got some knitting done, all while eating the best monster cookie ever. And I was able to spend time with some of my best friends. It was so great I didn’t even mind when I got a text from the owner telling me my yarn bowl broke and I would have to come back in to make a new one.

Later that night, John and I went on a date. We ended up at the 80s and 90s themed pub in our neighborhood, because there isn’t much walkable that is open on a Sunday night. I enjoyed the pizza we shared, and the spicy ranch oyster crackers were really great to snack on, but the bar is so popular it was crowded and loud. I felt so old, wishing they would turn the music down. We did get a nice walk in before dinner, and it was nice enough to leave our coats at home.

This morning a friend came over for coffee and we sat around chatting for a couple of hours. It was wonderful. I love it when my day starts with conversation and friendship.

It was nice enough today for us to go to the park in fleeces. The kids were a lot happier to play without bulky layers.

When we got home from the park the last of my birthday yarn from John had arrived. I’m planning to make the Arachne sweater later this year, with significant changes to make it more appropriate for my Middle Aged Mid-Western body. I am going to be the coolest mom at the pumpkin patch this fall with my spider sweater and sugar skull dress.

Are you a podcast person? Have you listened to The Happiness Lab with Yale Professor Dr. Laurie Santos? It is amazing. I learn something from every episode that I can use to make my life happier, and I already consider myself a happy person. Please listen to this podcast and tell me how much you love it. Because you will love it.

Have a great Monday. I promise to tell you all about my current socks later this week.

FO Friday

Last week, after I finished my Farmhouse Cardigan I was excited to see how much yarn I had left over. I could have put it back in my stash, but I decided a better thing to do was try to make a sweater for Audrey in a week. I mean, why wouldn’t I add knitting stress to the regular stress of the holiday season?
I cast on the Oxbow Cardigan by Andrea Mowry and started knitting like mad. I didn’t make Christmas cookies or party mix in order to gain knitting time. I finished it on Christmas night, and I love the results.

This is an open cardigan without buttonholes. That does not fly with a certain five-year-old. I sewed the buttons she picked out on to the sweater. She is a big fan. I did not block this sweater, because it seemed like a lot of work for something for a child. It looks fine.

This sweater pattern is sized from baby to adult. I think I’ll be making this sweater for myself soon, because now that I see it close up I adore it.

Beaverdale Fall Festival

I love my neighborhood. It feels like a small town within Des Moines. One of my favorite times of year is our neighborhood Fall Festival. We spent a big part of our day celebrating.

We started with brunch at a friend followed by the parade. The parade is usually over 2 hours long, but the threat of rain kept several bands and floats away, so it was only an hour. We were all sad to see it end so soon.

We planned on walking downtown to the festival this afternoon to let the kids ride one ride and then get dinner. The kids had been talking about it all week. Then Elliot was so naughty at Target we decided it was best if he stayed home. Luckily John stayed home with Elliot so Audrey and I could have a girls night out on the town.

Because it was just the two of us, I let her ride her bike. This was the furthest she has ridden before, so I was worried she wouldn’t make it. She did great. I think the added incentive of the new unicorn helmet kept her going.

Because it was just Audrey I told her she could ride two rides. After I bought the tickets we grabbed a slice of pizza from a local restaurant. The pizza guy handed me several tickets with my pizza. Thanks to the nice pizza guy Audrey was able to ride several rides. She most excited about the small roller coaster. She rode it twice in a row. It was by far her favorite, and she is looking forward to telling Elliot about it in the morning.

After the rides we had some ice cream. Riding that many rides really should be celebrated with ice cream. Please note that she only took her helmet off for the bounce house. I would say she likes her new helmet.

After our ice cream we headed home. She was tired and happy. I was happy to have some time enjoying our neighborhood with my favorite girl.

Pompom Hat

I found a solution to my bad pompom making. Have the four year old do it.

She did a good job, and it looks cute on the hat. I never would have thought to add a pompom. I’m glad she requested one.

She likes it a lot. Elliot wants a matching hat, but he would like a red pompom. I think I’ll make that happen for him.

Sock It To Me Monday

I finished Audrey’s Rose City Rollers Socks in Rainbow Dashing by Yarn Geek Fibers. I love how fast these socks knit up. Audrey is very happy with them.

We’ve had a lazy morning. Instead of running errands, Elliot and I made sourdough crackers seasoned with Herbs de Provence. They are delicious, but the best part by far is having him as a helper in the kitchen.

I hope you are having a good start to your week. It’s going to be hot here this week, so I imagine we will be very lazy this week.

Finished Object: Slipper Socks

I finished Audrey’s slipper socks. She is a big fan. She doesn’t have the hang of sock modeling yet.20190412_1852433809006803645988040.jpgBut she did insist on taking a picture of the socks herself. 20190412_1853054304210108449137947.jpg

I finally convinced her to stand still so I could take a picture.20190412_1852381397308340706260430.jpg

I think they will be cozy and fun. I would make myself a pair if I could stomach the thought of making socks that tall for myself.