Oh Deer

On my walks this weekend I’ve discovered that our new neighborhood is home to several very tame deer. I’m pretty sure this means I’ll hit one when I’m driving or John will hit one on his bike.

Do you have any abnormally tame animals in your neighborhood?

Arachne Update

I finally got to the steek on my Arachne sweater. I was really nervous as I’ve never steeked a sweater before. I made a short video of the steeking, but realized that maybe having a 5 year old do the videography and a 4 year old say random things in the background might not make the best knitting video. It is short, but you can see me steek the first couple of inches.

I did a crocheted steek, which was very tricky on the black portion of the sweater. I was having a lot of trouble with the crochet, but then I told Marilee how horrible it was and after that conversation it was really easy.

Now that I’m past the scary part I should just get to work on the button bands. I might take a bit of time before I do that though, as I’m recovering from the emotional rollercoaster of cutting my knitting.

Dresser Update

When we moved Elliot started using a new to him dresser. The dresser has seen better days. My mom bought it in the early 70s for $5 when Marquette University was updating the furniture in one of its dorms. The dresser was most recently at my sister’s apartment in Chicago. On the trip from her house to my house a knob was lost (or Elliot found it and squirreled it away somewhere, we will never know). Instead of going with a simple replacement knob I decided to make the dresser more of Elliot’s style.

Elliot loves construction vehicles. He was very excited when the knobs arrived and wanted to watch me put them on. He decided that the top two drawers should be dump truck drawers and the bottom two drawers should be backhoe drawers.

It was a very simple way to change the look of the dresser. Would I like white knobs on a wood dresser in my own room? No. Of course, I’m not four years old.

Do you ever make simple changes to your furniture to make it more appealing for the intended user?