WIP Wednesday

I’ve been working away on my projects this week. I’m shocked how much work I’ve gotten done on the sweater. I need to thank Liz for leaving a comment on the sweater last week, as it got me thinking about it, and I remembered why I started the sweater in the first place. I think I’m really going to like wearing this when it is done. I’m now past the pockets and I’m about halfway to the yoke. I changed the stitch markers and progress keepers to gifts from good friends, and that small change has me cruising along as I think about knitting friends.

I’m trying focus my work on the Outline Wrap, as I would like to use the needles for the Water shawl starting next Monday. I have 10 20g skeins to go after my current color, so the chances of me finishing this by next Monday are slim to none. I’m having fun working on this as I listed to podcasts and I watch TV. If I were to make it again I would add two or three more repeats, as I would prefer a wider wrap.

Progress marker shows where I was last week.

How are your projects coming along? Have you rekindled fondness for any of your projects?

Sock It To Me Monday

I finished my February little known holidays sock club socks in the Mad for Plaid colorway. I am now addicted to sport weight socks.

I’m going to cast on a new pair of fingering weight socks this week, and I imagine they will feel very slow after two pairs of sport weight socks in a row.

Staying Cozy

It’s snowing again in Des Moines. It looks beautiful falling outside of my yarn room window. Snow is a lot prettier when you are unable to help clear it. I’ve managed to avoid the worst of winter here. We’ve had the second snowiest winter on record this year, and I’ve watched almost all of it from inside the house. It’s one nice thing about having a broken ankle.

I’ve been extra cozy inside this winter, thanks to John’s Mom. She is an avid quilter, and has brought me three wonderful quilts since I broke my ankle.

The first quilt she thought John would like. He didn’t want a quilt, but I said we would use it. I’ve been using it when I’m in the living room.

I requested a Halloween quilt, so she made me one. She used leftover fabric from my favorite Halloween dress. The quilt glows in the dark. It is really cool, and I look forward to using it next fall.

When she was here last week I mentioned that someday, when she was out of fabric, I wanted to have her make me a flannel quilt. She asked about the colors I wanted and pattern. A few days later she asked how thick I wanted the batting. Yesterday she dropped off the fluffiest, coziest quilt I’ve ever seen. It is flannel on both sides and has two layers of thick batting. It is perfect for snuggles.

I’m really lucky to have such a crafty, prolific MIL. Our home is extra cozy because of her.

FO Friday

This week I was able to finish two projects. I’m spending so much time sitting and waiting for my ankle to heal I’m getting a lot of knitting done.

First up, I finished a double knit trivet for my mom. She requested one, so I immediately got started (she usually only asks for finished objects). It took me a day or so to get back into the swing of double knitting, but I did enjoy it once it clicked. I don’t love working with cotton, but other than that I enjoyed this project. My phone died this week, so my photos of the project were lost. Luckily my mom sent me a picture of it in use.

I cast on and finished a Dissent Cowl (Ravelry Link). Carissa Browning writes patterns that are lots of fun to knit. I really enjoy mosaic knitting, and once I started this cowl I didn’t want to put it down.

I’m working away on my other WIPs now. I think I’m going to cast on a sweater for Elliot soon, but I would like to be a bit further along on my projects before I get started.

WIP Wednesday

I’m working on two projects that I lack passion for.

First up is the Throughstone Sweater. It is slow going and not exciting to work on. I’m not even sure I will like wearing it, as it will be thin. I’m not going to frog the sweater. I’m going to finish it. I’m just not going to gush about the process. I’m trying to work on it for a half hour a day, which is totally doable. I’m now at the point in the pattern where I’m ribbing for the pockets.

My Outline Wrap is growing slowly. A two row lace repeat gets pretty boring eventually. I have to think about it only a little bit, but I keep telling myself I don’t have to think about it, and then I look down and I’m two stitches off and I need to tink back 20 stitches. I love how it looks, and I think I will wear this a lot. It will the perfect weight for around the house when I don’t want to put on a sweater but I’m chilly in a t shirt. I am starting to feel like I am never going to finish this, but I will have it done before fall.

My Knit Spin Farm little known holidays sock club is currently in my mailbox, so I’ll be winding that up and casting on tonight. I’m looking forward to starting a project I haven’t grown tired of.