Fourth of July Weekend

I spent the weekend “camping” with Kirsten and her family. We haven’t been around other people. They haven’t been around other people. We checked temperatures first. I won’t be around other people for two weeks.

Normally we camp in Missouri, but this summer Kirsten and her husband brought their camper up to Winterset, which is a 40 minute drive from Des Moines. I planned on staying in the camper with them, but after about two hours it became clear that Elliot could not hang as a camper. On Friday Elliot and I drove home to Des Moines to sleep and headed back out on Saturday. On Saturday I drove both kids home, as they were both exhausted. I was exhausted too. A good exhaustion that comes from spending the weekend in the sunshine hanging out with your best friend.

Ivy and Jess even drove out to hang out and knit in the shade with us. It was a joy for my friends to finally meet each other.

I hope your weekend was filled with friendship and joy.

FO Friday

I found a way to occupy my mind earlier this week. I knit a llama in a day. The pattern is the Susan B. Anderson Alpaca pattern, but it looks like a llama to me, so that is what I’m calling it. I’ll be giving it to my aunt who loves llamas.

Arachne Update Week 12

One sleeve is done. This sweater is not getting much needle time lately, as my anxiety is so bad at the moment I’m having a difficult time knitting. I love this sweater, but I am going to be happy to have it off the needles. I’m sure it will be done by October.

Sock It To Me Monday

I don’t have any socks on the needles at the moment. I thought it would be a good idea to remind you that the Christmas in July sock KAL starts on Wednesday. If you find yourself wanting to make Christmas socks and never get around to it this is the KAL for you.

I would like to knit two pairs, but I’ll be happy if I finish one. We will be moving this summer, and we still need to find a new house. I am sure I’ll be spending a lot of July packing and cleaning. There might not be much time for knitting.

I was planning on sending out Christmas progress keepers for everyone who finished Christmas socks in July, but that will not be happening as there is too much going on right now. I will still be sending our pride stitch markers, so if you have finished socks I’ll be asking for your mailing address soon.