WIP Wednesday

It’s Wednesday already. I don’t know where the week went, but I know for sure it did not go into seaming my cocoon cardigan or working on my Wonder Woman Wrap. I didn’t pick them up once this week. I’ve been so busy at night that by the time I sit down to knit I don’t have the focus for any project that takes 15 minutes to finish a row. This weekend things should slow down for us, and I’m hoping that means a return to being able to focus on knitting.

I have been knitting, just not all of my projects. I finished John’s socks. He was too excited to wait for me to block them, so I have no pictures of the finished socks yet.

I started a pair of Halloween socks for myself using Knit Picks Felici in Witches Brew. I love them. I’m currently on the gusset of the second sock. Felici always seems to knit up faster than any other sock yarn (even when I’m not ignoring most of my other projects).

Have a great week. I hope you accomplish all you hope to this week.


Wednesday Update

Happy Wednesday! I had a productive week. I finished the owl sweater. Audrey is a big fan.20170820_085741

I love the owl pocket. It was supposed to have feet, but I thought they looked silly so I skipped them. I also skipped the white felt behind the buttons.20170818_215415

Overall I’m happy with the sweater. I found the pattern in Knit Simple magazine, and it was very simple. If I were to knit it again I would do the increases as M1R and M1L instead of just kfb. I think it will get lots of love from Audrey this year and Elliot next year.20170819_194343

I have about 5 inches to go on my second sock for John. I love the yarn – self patterning yarn keeps me knitting. I love seeing what the next section will be. I don’t like how the flame looking section knit up differently between each sock. That is the only area that is different though, and it will be covered by pants most of the time. wp-1503509205893

I haven’t put much work into my Wonder Woman Wrap this week. It’s at the point where the rows take so long to finish it is a commitment to pick up and knit a row. I’m hoping I sit down for long enough tonight to finish a pattern repeat or two.

Once I finish the Wonder Woman Wrap I think I will start a sweater for Elliot. When I finish John’s socks (hopefully this week) I’m going to start a pair of Halloween socks for myself. Fall will be here soon and I want to get a few things done before it hits.

Have a great week!


WIP – Overwhelmed Addition

Happy Wednesday! I missed my regular Wednesday post last week because my site was down and my live in IT guy was riding his bike. I was planning on writing a catch up post all week, but I have been so busy it never happened. But I’m back at it now, and I have a lot of update you on.

My knitting needles finally arrived (3 months after being ordered), so I’m back to working on the owl sweater for Audrey. It is going very fast, which is a good thing because I’m afraid she will only be able to wear it this year. It is already the middle of August, so I really need to get going on the sweater if I’m going to finish it in time to convince my mom or sister to sew the buttons on for me by the time it gets cold. I hope to have the sweater finished and blocked by next week (this might be because I will see two possible button sewing helpers on Saturday).

The Wonder Woman Wrap is gorgeous, but sitting in a bag being ignored until I finish the sweater. I’m looking forward to picking it up again. I’m on the second yellow W. I’m nervous that I will run out of yarn, but I’ve weighed it and I should be OK. I want to quickly knit through that section to see if I’ll really make it. It will be a more relaxing project once I know I have the yarn to finish (or a very frustrating project if I need to decide if I’m going to splurge on another skein of yarn love yarn).

I’ve finished one self patterning sock for John, and should be able to get through the heel on the second sock before next week (if I manage to cast it on).

Let’s pretend the huge cardigan that still needs to be seamed doesn’t exist, OK?.

I’m feeling overwhelmed about all of my in flight projects. I think it is because Elliot is on a mission to go to the ER with a head injury, so I’m not able to knit as much as I was able to before he was so climbing everything. I’m hoping that even with significantly reduced knitting time I’m able to make some progress this week. Winter is coming, I can’t ignore the cardigan forever.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Summer continues to fly and the kids and I continue to be out and about most days. This week I did go to Cedar Falls for a girls weekend with my mom and sisters, so I had much more knitting time than I usually do.

I finished the watermelon socks. I love them.

I’ve started a pair of socks for John in a self patterning colorway. Self patterning yarn is even more fun than self striping yarn. I should be able to turn the heel today, and might finish the first sock by next week.

I’m plugging away on the Wonder Woman Wrap. I have two repeats done on the second W. Only 10 repeats to go until I’m done with the yellow. I’m hoping to be close to that by next Wednesday.

Because I haven’t done much knitting I’m trying to stay busy with yarn in other ways. I decided now that it’s August I should finally get around to the big pile of hand washing from last winter. I have three sweaters to wash; I’m hoping to get that done this week. I’m also going to sign up for Fiber Share this week.

Have a great week!