New Year, New Yarn

Two of my favorite podcasters had after Christmas sales on their yarn, and I couldn’t resist. My stash is in a good place, so I don’t feel guilty about buying more yarn.

I bought two skeins of Stranded Dyeworks Merino Sport in Batcave. The color is unlike anything I’ve worked with before, and I think I’ll be working into some colorwork with black as the other color.

I also picked up some Chormatic Yarns by the Corner of Craft Sturdy Sock in Guardian of Nature. I love this colorway. I don’t know what I’ll make with it, but it seems a waste to use it on socks (which I rarely say). I also picked up an enamel pin, as I am unable to resist enamel pins. She sent a bag of Bird and Blend tea with the yarn, which I hope to brew and sip while I’m knitting this weekend.

I am very excited to knit with yarn dyed by people I watch regularly. It almost feels like I’ll be knitting with them in person.

WIP Wednesday

This is one of those weeks where it feels like I knit and knit and make no progress. I think that is a problem with shawls. I swear I’ve been working on it, but the only reason I can tell is because the progress keeper has moved.

I’ve turned the heel on John’s sock. I’m now at a mindless point, perfect for swim lesson knitting tomorrow. I’m enjoying having a pair of socks on the needles I don’t feel the need to rush through.

What are you working on this week? Do you feel like you are making any progress?

Steak Night

One of the best parts of coming to visit my parents is steak night. They let me make them the fanciest meal I know how to cook: roasted asparagus, hot bread, and seared filets with blue cheese crowns. We enjoy a meal way too big for anyone and drink red wine and talk, usually for over two hours. It is a nice time to catch up with my mom and dad after the kids fall asleep.

Do you have any traditions that you have when you visit family?


I’m visiting my parents this week. I love spending time with them and the kids adore them. One of the best parts is bedtime. My dad pours me a drink and I knit while my parents read to the kids and tuck them in. A & E have no interest in me while we are here, and I am just fine with that.

Knitting Pajamas

If I’m in my house I’m probably wearing pajamas. If I’m in my house I’m probably knitting. When I found knitting flannel at JoAnn last week I knew I needed to pick some up for pajama pants.

I have a bad habit of buying fabric and never using it. I don’t want that to happen to this flannel. I want to make pajama pants this week. If I don’t tell you about the pants by next Sunday, please harass me about it.

Baby Shower Day

Today I went to Mary-Claire’s baby shower. It was great to see her, meet some of her friends, and catch up with family and friends. We are all so excited to meet her baby.

For her shower I made her a blanket like Audrey’s favorite blanket. It is the easiest blanket to make – you just serge the edges. I had Audrey and Elliot each pick out a knit fabric, bought enough to make a square blanket, and stitched them together. It is a great weight, perfect for cool nights. I’m thinking about making one for me for nights that I want a blanket but I don’t need a heavy blanket.

For her gift I filled a bucket of things I didn’t know I needed until I became a mom. I bought OxiClean and a bucket, because I use those things every week. I gave her packing tape, which I use to fix books and put over speakers on toys to quiet them down. I picked up some boogie wipes, which I thought were ridiculous until I tried them and now I’m a believer. I added a container of wipes, because we’re going to bring her a case of wipes but didn’t want her to have to haul them back to Chicago with all of her other presents. I bought kitchen shears for her diaper bag, because they are magic when you are trying to feed a baby away from home and you need to cut up the food into tiny bites. Audrey picked out a unicorn rubber duck, as she is having a bit of a unicorn moment.

We had a great day celebrating Mary-Claire.