Sew Sunday 5/29/22

I have not lost my sewing mojo, but I have lost the time to sew. I hope to find some time to get back to it tomorrow. It’s hard to get down to the basement to sew when the weather is lovely.

This week I made a tank top for Elliot. He loves it.

Silent Disco

Tonight I actually left the house to do something fun without John or the kids. I went to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. She held a silent disco

Me with my friends, Sarah and Sarah

What is a silent disco? It is a party with special noise canceling headphones that play music from three different stations. You put on your headphones and dance. You drink a fancy cocktail or mocktail. You nibble on the cheese plate (hello, apricot gorgonzola, I will eat you now). You get home by 9 pm.

To be fair, it was my first silent disco, so they might not all be as fun. I hope your night was just as enjoyable.

Sock It To Me Monday 5/23/22

I finished my February 2022 Little Known Holidays Yarn Club in the Blueberry Popover Day colorway. I don’t love this colorway, but I still made them for myself. Knit Spin Farms yarn supplier is no longer making Targhee Sport yarn, so I’m hoarding all of my remaining skeins for myself.

Sew Sunday 5/22/22

After a trip to visit my parents I’m back to sewing. This week I made Audrey a pair of shorts and a tank top out of some pink velour. I now know that I hate working with velour. Her outfit is really cute, despite the troubles it caused me.

I made a blanket for Elliot tonight and one for Audrey last week (with the help of Audrey and my mom). They are simple fleece tie blankets. They are both very happy with them.

Audrey’s blanket has Girl Scout fabric on both sides. She loves it.

She bridged to Brownies last week. We’re proud of her.

Elliot’s blanket has camel fabric on one side and llamas dressed in Halloween costumes on the other. He picked out the fabric. If you have been reading for long you probably know that Elliot loves camels.

I’m not sure how many more days of sewing enthusiasm I have in me for this year. I’ve been buying a lot of fabric, so I hope I’m able to complete a few more projects before I pack up my machines and get back to yarn related crafting. If I keep sewing I’ll keep telling you about it on Sunday evenings.

Sew Sunday

For about 10 days a year I decide I like sewing. I have just entered that period. Fortunately for me it coincides with my local fabric store having a large selection of clearance fabric as the prepare to move locations. Now, do I really need fabric? No. For a person who only sews 10 days a year I sure to have a large fabric stash. Stash or not, when I find a decent knit for under $3 a yard I stock up.

This week we were in the 90s in Des Moines. That is well above our average temperature, and it was a shock. In between trips to the beach and sitting in the air conditioning I decided I should make a romper. I found the Runabout pattern from Patterns for Pirates and got to work. Did I make mistakes? Of course. Do I care? not really. I’ll be making this again. It might be what I wear all summer. For my next version I’m going to add 2-4 inches to the tank top. I’m tall, and didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern. I had several issues with the waist band (note to self: if a pattern recommends a video tutorial on a tricky step watch it). Even with all of the issues I had with this project I’m going to be happy to wear it all summer.

Elliot’s summer clothes are still packed in the basement. He has a few pairs of shorts upstairs, but he is constantly asking where they are. I decided that instead of going to the basement to get his summer clothes I would rather go to the basement to the craft room and make him a pair of shorts. He now has cool tropical shorts.

I used the Sunny Day Shorts pattern from oliver + s. I plan on making both kids a few pairs of shorts before my yearly sewing binge is done (yes, I also plan on bringing up Elliot’s summer clothes). I’m thinking of adding a pocket to the shorts.

Have you ever added pockets to a pattern that did not have pockets? Do you have any tips?

A very special thanks to Kathy and Alissa, who inspire me all year with their sewing projects. Looking at their projects is what gets me excited to sew. If they didn’t write about what they were sewing I would only sew 2-4 days a year.

Sock It To Me Monday 5/9/22

I finished my April Little Known Holidays Yarn Club from Knit Spin Farm. This is Pick Strawberries Day (May 20) on her soon to be discontinued (sob! moan!) Targhee Sport base. The socks feature uneven stripes of white and yellow flower, dark and light green stem, dark and light pink strawberry with white spots, straw basket. I’m telling myself they will pass as Christmas socks and putting them away until December.

It is hot here. It was in the 90s today, so we hit the beach. The water temperature is still cold, but the kids did not mind.

I hope your week is starting well.