2020 Knitting Plans

For the past two years I’ve been on a yarn diet. In 2018 I allowed myself 100g of yarn for every 500g knit. In 2019 I allowed myself 100g of yarn for every 300g knit, with an exception for keeping a sweaters quantity of yarn on hand. Because of those two years I’m in a place where I’m mostly comfortable with my stash. This year I’m allowing myself 100g of yarn for every 100g knit.

I am going to be more intentional about my yarn purchases. I will be going to three yarn festivals this year, and I have already made a list of yarn that I would like to find. I do not plan on picking up random yarn when I visit a yarn store.

I am going to be intentional about what I cast on. I have always cast on what I feel like in the moment, which is a great way to knit. The problem is, I have projects I have wanted to make for years that I haven’t gotten around to making. Because of that I’ve planned out one cast on a month for the next year. I’m sure I’ll cast on more than that (heck, I finished 43 projects last year), but I want to make sure I cast on the 12 items. If I get excited and cast on a project earlier than scheduled I’ll be adding a project to cast on during the scheduled cast on month. It sounds confusing as I read this, but the principle is simple, I will cast on one new thing each month and I will actually knit the things I have been wanting to knit.

JanuaryBike Hat for John
FebruaryFingerless Mitts for Sarah
MarchEllie Socks
AprilChristmas Stocking for baby M-C (need yarn)
MayShawl for Kathy
JunePride Socks (need to find rainbow yarn)
JulyChirstmas in July Socks
August 2 color brioche cowl
SeptemberColorwork Cowl
OctoberOxbow Cardigan (need to decide on yarn)
NovemberSlippers for Mary
DecemberColorwork Cardigan for me

As I am likely to cast on several items early I have a list of possible items to add in: dishcloths, Trelawney Shawl, Dreyma Mitts, Inglis Mitts, and many pairs of socks.

Do you plan what you will knit for the year or do you wing it? Are there any things you feel you must make this year?

20 thoughts on “2020 Knitting Plans

  1. I plan my knit alongs (Loopy Grad School and Camp) as the projects are assigned. Everything else I sort of wing it. I do have a very full queue on Ravelry but I use that more for ideas than actually a list of things I want to knit.
    On the other side of things, I have multiple sweater quantities of yarn that I should be turning into sweaters. I’ve said I would for a few years now but I just keep casting on shawls and socks.

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  2. I am going to work on my nearly forgotten blanket and this morning I bought the Orkney pattern by Marie Wallin. I am swatching some palette yarn just to see if it could work, but I am a but stuck because I’m not supposed to be knitting at all yet.😡 I allowed myself 6 rows. Meanwhile I’ve copied the chart and will try coloring in the pattern. I am going to try and match it up with some wool fabric I have.

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      1. I did 12 rows of 30 stitches throughout the day, and I paid, but if I can sneak enough rows to check gauge I could spend my time working on color choices and then wait for the yarn. By then maybe I can knit a row a day. I’m going to do the main body in a circle and steek it, so a row will be 200 stitches.

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  3. The only thing I feel I must knit this year is a colorful vest for my daughter. She asked me to make her a custom design featuring a explosion of color on the back and a solid color on the front. I think it will be fun to make.

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    1. It is my first time with a knitting plan, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes. I am a little nervous I’ll do all of the small projects early and I’ll be left filling in all of the months with socks.

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