WIP Wednesday

As I hoped, casting on all sorts of projects has helped me fall in love with knitting my Farmhouse Cardigan. It is still slow going, but I feel like I’m actually making progress now. I would love to have this done in time to wear at Christmas.

I’ve been picking up the Darwinian Evolution scarf and working a few rows here and there, and it’s really adding up. John has been giving this project googly eyes of knitting admiration, so it’s going to be a scarf for him.

My grab and go project has become the sockhead cowl. It is mindless knitting, which will be perfect for knitting at holiday celebrations or when my friends get together to knit.

What are you working on this week?

Toasty Tuesday

It is rainy and windy here today. At some point it will drop below freezing and we will probably be dealing with some sleet. Luckily Elliot has new mittens to keep his hands warm. The pattern is Classic Mittens No. 615 (my new go to pattern for mittens) and the yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash. Elliot picked out the color. He really likes red.

I have one more pair of mittens to knit before Christmas. I’m only knitting one present this year, and it feels great.

Sock It To Me Monday

I finished my Vanilla Latte socks. I enjoyed knitting these socks and will be adding this pattern to my sock knitting rotation. The yarn is Yarn Geek Fibers in the Boxcar Gallery colorway.

I do not have any socks on the needles at the moment, which is highly unusual for me. I’m going to try to finish Elliot’s mittens before I cast on new socks, but we shall see if that happens. I am not lacking in WIPs.

Instant Gratification Knitting

Last night I started a pair of mittens for Audrey. This afternoon I finished them. I went with the pattern Karen suggested, Classic Mittens No. 615 in the age 5-7 size. They fit her well, and she picked out the yarn so she will likely wear them.

I now need to make a pair for Elliot in the same size. He picked out some red yarn, so I just need to cast on. I’m going to give myself a few days before I cast on, as I don’t like to knit the same project back to back.

Thankful Saturday

I’m thankful for friends who cancel plans on nights when I really wanted to be in sweat pants on the couch knitting instead of socalizing.

I’m thankful for kids that want to play outside even when it’s cold.

I’m thankful for a husband who makes really good meatloaf. I’m also thankful that he is patient enough to let Audrey help.

I’m thankful that I have a lot of WIPs. I love being able to work on what fits my mood.

I’m thankful for herbal tea. It allows me to drink hot beverages in the evening and still fall asleep.

I’m thankful for my fitbit. It keeps me moving.

I’m thankful for each of you.

Have a great weekend.