Last Day of June

This morning we headed to Ledges State Park to play in the creek and enjoy the water. It is my one of my favorite parks to hike at, but I had never spent time in the creek. We will be back

We stopped for lunch on our drive back from the park and then headed to my friend Mikki’s pool. We swam for a few hours before heading home.

It was another beautiful summer day. We’re all worn out. We should probably have a relaxing day at home tomorrow, but we are going to the beach instead.

WIP Wednesday 6/29/22

I meant to go to bed an hour ago. Then I looked at my sweater and realized 2 inches of ribbing was good enough for me, so I needed to bind off the body.

I have 164 g of yarn left for the arms. I’m just going to knit until they seem long enough and then bind off and do a folded hem. I think. It just depends how far 80 grams will get me on each arm. I might do some decreases. I might not. I’m feeling loosey goosey with this sweater (other than the yoke). I like the loosey goosey feeling. I like being empowered to make my own decisions about my sweaters. It makes me feel like a grown up knitter.

I hope your projects are going well!

Tidying Up

When I finished my Reywa cowl a few weeks ago I tried to tell myself that I didn’t mind that the yarn didn’t hold up to grafting well. It didn’t work. There was a spot where the tension was far off. I decided to fix it as best I could.


After duplicate stitching over the wonky bit:

It is now good enough. It is not perfect, but it doesn’t make me twitchy when I see it, so I’m glad I did it. the loops sticking out are the longer stitches from grafting. I did the best I could, and I’ll just keep that part in the back. I hope the state fair judges don’t judge me too harshly for it.

Sock It To Me Monday 6/27/22

I made a pair of Rose City Rollers in Tiny Human Knits self striping in the Sugar Cereal colorway. My sister requested a pair of shorties, so I made these for her. I love the colorway, but I think it would lead me to eat fruit loops while I was wearing them.

I’m no longer feeling sock knitting, so we will see how long my current pair is on the needles. Are you feeling sock knitting?

Sewing Sunday 6/26/22

This week I made a dress for Audrey and a skirt for myself.

Audrey’s dress was a free online pattern. It came with the pattern pieces and an on line tutorial with the directions. I’m a paper directions person. I cut out the pieces and sewed them like I thought they should be sewn. When it came to the neck I decided to just serge it (a wise woman once told me people use that as a design feature). I did the same instead of hemming, as I would have had to change the thread in my sewing machine. By that point I was committed to only using my serger, so I used it to hem the sleeves. Audrey is a big fan of the dress. There are unicorns on the fabric, so who wouldn’t want a dress out of it? Also? It is a circle skirt, so it is excellent for twirling.

I made myself another peppermint pocket skirt, this time out of an old fitted sheet. I feel very Maria Von Trapp-ish whenever I repurpose fabric. The skirt is incredibly comfortable. I’m now searching for a good lounge pants pattern to make with the other sheet.

Please ignore husband’s pile of clothes.

I hope you are finding time to enjoy crafts you like, both new and old.

Thursday in June

Today we spend the morning at home. After lunch we headed over to swim at a friend’s pool.

After a few hours in the pool we headed home to get changed to go to dinner at my Aunt and Uncle’s house. Joe is my godfather, and I really hit the jackpot with him. Joe and Kathy are so much fun to hang out with we didn’t get home until after nine. I am lucky to have several aunts and uncles, including some that I consider friends. Family is great. The kids wore costumes there. I cannot explain it, other than to say they are homeschool kids.

I probably knit 100 stitches today. Summer is more about swimming and staying up late than knitting.

That being said I’m going to try to stay home and knit tomorrow. Wish me luck.