FO Friday

I cast on two hats for International Cast On All The Things Month. They are both finished.

The first is a pumpkin baby hat. John’s best friend and his wife are new parents, so I made them my traditional baby gift. I’ve been making this for so long I have no idea what the pattern is. Now I just need to get this mailed.

The second finished object is a Puimcin Hat. I noticed the hat while watching the Caught In The Wool Podcast by Bumbleebee Acres. I bought a kit as soon as it came out. The yarn, marshmallow worsted, was great to work with. I probably should have gone up a needle size, but would have run out of yarn.

You make a woven button to top the hat. I loved making the button, and think I’ll use the technique again. Please ignore the wonkiness at the bottom of the button, I have fiddled with the button since taking the photograph and it looks much better.

We went to the orchard yesterday, and I found the hat really works with the Wear All The Wool look I’ve been going for lately.

Did you finish anything this week?

September Cast On

My scheduled cast on for this month was a shawl, which I’m not feeling at the moment. Instead of knitting something I’m not sure I want to make I decided to get a jump start on my Christmas knitting by making an Apiculture Hat for my SIL who has aspirations to become a bee keeper.

Once I started this hat I couldn’t stop, so it went very fast. I used Beaverslide Dry Goods yarn, which is smooshy and rustic at the same time. My favorite part of this hat is the crown.

Now that I’ve finished my September projects it’s back to my WIPs. What are you working on this month?

FO Friday

This week I was able to finish a project. I made two Winter Walk hats. I made one for myself last month, but I ended up giving it to Jess when we went to brunch. I knew I wanted to make myself another Winter Walk, because I love the hat. I realized I had the yarn and the poms to make two more that match the hat I gave to Jess. I decided to knit two more Winter Walks so that Ivy and I can match Jess when we go to brunch later this month.

Do you ever give your knits away randomly? I often give away hats or cowls I’m wearing if a friend likes it. I know I can make another one. Jess is the same way, which is how I got my favorite mittens.

FO Friday

In addition to completing the disco muppet, I also finished the Midas Hat I’ve been working on. Unlike the other pattern, this is one that I highly recommend and will be making again. I had been thinking about a sockhead hat for myself, but I think I’ll do a Midas instead because I really like the brim.

I love how this yarn knit up. It looks beautiful. It also crocked more than any yarn I’ve ever worked with. I soaked it several times, and hope that it will stop rubbing off on skin now. If not, I’m pretty sure my niece will never wear it.

In super wonderful news: my license and credit card were found and turned in to the zoo. I have both now. I’m relieved and happy. I took the kids out for tacos to celebrate.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!