Saturday Spinning

After a bit of time away from spinning I’m back at it. I’m loosely participating in the Tour de Fleece by checking in with Alissa and Liz every day.

On the wheel I have some BFL from Spin Me A Yarn in the Falling Leaves colorway. The colorway is full of muted fall colors. I would prefer deeper colors, but this is what is in my stash. I’m almost halfway done with this spin.

I have a bobbin full of a merino sari silk blend from Fiber Curio and Sundries in the Margaritaville colorway. Elliot described this bobbin as cupcake yarn. He’s not wrong. I’m going to chain ply this yarn, as I need A LOT of practice with that technique.

I’ve finished a few spins since I last talked about my spinning. The top skein is Canadian Arcott, which was delightfully bouncy. The middle skein is Rambouilette from Honey Gold Acres. It is destined to be something for John, as he has been asking for more blue accessories (not in those words, but he says he likes blue, so I’m interpreting). The bottom skein is Wensleydale.

My goal is to spin once a day during the tour. My plan is to update you every Saturday. I’m hoping I can get through some of my fiber. I’m also hoping to work on long draw spinning. I’m still working up the nerve to try it.

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