Camp Sarah Jane Take Two: This Time It’s Awesome

I had an amazing weekend. Kirsten came up without kids, and the two of us got to hang out as adults. We haven’t hung out as just adults for an extended period of time since the kids were born. We do so much with the kids…like the time we took four kids under four camping without our husbands on Mother’s Day weekend, or when we had so much fun doing a girls trip when we were both pregnant and the girls were one, so we did it again the next year.

I had so much fun doing Camp Sarah Jane with our kids earlier this summer, I decided to plan a Camp Sarah Jane for Kirsten. I even made her a t shirt. I can only hope that I get to attend Kirsten Camp later this year (my kids head there in August).

We started with knitting and spinning (naturally). After that we headed out on a walk. We foraged mulberries and raspberries along our route. We needed the energy for the big day ahead.

After a brief stop at Target (one of the only things we do without kids regularly) we headed to my amazing friend JoAnna’s for a High Noon tasting party. High Noon is my summer drink of 2022 – club soda, fruit juice, vodka. A can full of yum for 100 calories. JoAnna hosted the tasting party (for the three of us) in her blow up pool with cup holders. If you aren’t drinking tasty drinks in matching swimsuits with your BFF are you even having a girl’s weekend?

After trying several flavors of High Noon (pineapple was the winner for me) we ran back to my house to change for our next activity: smashing shit. For another friend’s birthday we went to a smash room and took out some frustrations. We blasted Lizzo and bashed windshields while thinking about SCOTUS. It was so much fun. I think I need to go back, I have a lot of rage to work through.

What do you do after smashing stuff? Well, if the mall you are at has a Selfie Wrld (their spelling, not mine), you head there. I’m so sad I didn’t have time to slap on some make up between the tasting party and the smashing party, because there are some great photos.

At that point we were pretty tired and hungry, so we grabbed some grocery store sushi and headed back to my house. We were back in time for me to tuck the kids in. I was even able to go to bed before 10, which I loved.

This morning Kirsten braided Elliot’s hair, we had more coffee and knitting time, we headed to Bruegger’s for bagels and coffee, then hit up a few shops.

It was so much fun. I think I need to schedule another Camp Sarah Jane for grown ups weekend soon.

I hope you had a good weekend too! Tomorrow we will be celebrating by hanging out with neighbors and watching fireworks from the back yard.

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