Saturday Start

Today I’m casting on a hat for my older sister. She requested a Luther hat like my Iowa hat. I used a free website to create the chart. I was not able to change the orientation of the chart or the size of the chart, because I’m too cheap to pay for more features. I’m using the Bikey Hat pattern from Alterknit Stitch Dictionary for the hat pattern. I’m hoping the colorwork keeps me entertained until I get to the fun part of my Throughstone sweater.

Are you casting anything on today?

10 thoughts on “Saturday Start

  1. Very pretty colors and cool design! Can’t wait to see it 🙂 I’m not casting anything on this weekend, but probably will be on Monday. Although I really shouldn’t with three things already on the needles…

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      1. Got it. I am knitting something for a friend’s church outreach and they want the logo on it. It is a G with a smaller y within. I tried duplicate stitch, but it is knit with super bulky and I am just not crazy about the look. I think I am going to embroider it or use a crochet hook to chain it. I was also considering splitting the ply. It is a two-ply. I can easily make it one. The bulky just looks so bulky, you know?


  2. No, I didn’t CO anything new because Moderna kicked my butt again so I was in bed and taking Tylenol all day. I was taken great care of by my husband and didn’t have to cook. Yay for that.


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