FO Friday

I finished two pairs of slippers for my MIL this week. She loves felted slippers and is knitworthy. Even if she wasn’t, I would make her anything she asked for, as she provides free babysitting at least once a week. Also she drinks wine with me. And she is making a quilt for my sister because I asked her to make one. So, when she asked me to make her slippers and then bought me yarn from Jan’s Yarn Barn I knew I needed to get them made.

I used the Duffers Revisited pattern and Ella Rae worsted wool held double. I really don’t like knitting felted slippers, so I knit them very quickly so the projects weren’t looming over me.

In non-knitting news, I’m now fully vaccinated and ready to roll. The kids and I have been enjoying trips to the zoo and playdates with a homeschool group. We’re flying high on spring, walking without a boot, and the feeling of freedom.

10 thoughts on “FO Friday

  1. Those slippers look great – very pretty and cozy 🙂 Good MILs are real treasures – glad yours is a good one. Love the winged picture, and so glad you are vaccinated and things are going so much better for you now!

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  2. Too bad one can’t hit the “like” button three times – like that you care enough for your MIL to knit for her, even something you don’t enjoy; like that you’ve been able to be fully vaccinated and are taking advantage of that status; like the wings. What a cheerful and uplifting post!


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