Thankful Saturday

Even in the midst of a pandemic I have so much to be thankful for. My family and friends are safe. My husband is able to work from home. I’m still able to get out on walks. Each week I’m taking some time to share what I’m thankful for.

I’m thankful for bikes. Pushing one kid in a stroller is much easier than pushing two kids in a stroller. Audrey is riding her bike on short walks now, and I love watching her explore. Elliot is not a fan of his bike or scooter, so he is hanging out in the stroller for now.

Our yard. I love that we have a yard that the kids can play in. This week we got the pool out for them to splash around in. I miss taking the kids to playgrounds and museums, but having the yard makes things so much better.

Project Bags, because they are so darn cute.

Saturday Night Virtual Knit Night. I love spending time with my people, even when we are thousands of miles away from each other. I’ll be hosting another call next Saturday at 7:30 PM CST. If I was in Scotland I would buy Liz an espresso so she could stay up all night to join us. If you want to join us let me know via Instagram, Ravelry, or a comment below.

I’m thankful for you. I’m wishing you a week full of peace and good health.

22 thoughts on “Thankful Saturday

  1. I’m thankful for you. I’m sorry I missed knit night. I was asleep on the sofa. These work weeks take the wind out of my sails. Someday when coronavirus has a vaccine I will come visit you in Iowa.

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    1. That will be amazing. I was planning a knitting retreat at a camp close to Des Moines this fall, but with COVID 19 i don’t think it will happen. I’m going to keep trying to add you to the call, in hopes that it will eventually work for you to join us.

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  2. Fingers crossed and touch wood…I will be visiting Michigan next April to attend a wedding. Who knows perhaps you, Alissa and I would be able to meet up somewhere? At the moment it is looking like just I’d be going as Allistar will need to stay with our dog who is too anxious to go in a kennels and too many quirks to have a dog sitter. X

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      1. Gosh, my thankful list is so long. Your children are adorable. They seem to be enjoying all the outdoor activity.

        I have not been on Skype for a long time. I would love to join you next Saturday though. That gives me time to work on my Skype and get it set up. Maybe Liz could tale a nap and then come join us and then go back to sleep? After all, it is just after midnight there lol.

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  3. So many things to be thankful for:) I am thankful for people who remind me to be thankful! It’s been warmer here the last few days. I’m thankful that spring has arrived and we’ll be sliding into summer.

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  4. Olivia says:

    Mind boggling that your kids are in a swimming pool. It’s still freezing here on Cape Cod. We hit 61° this weekend and people were excited. But it feels like spring all the same the leaves are finally starting to come out on the trees. April is the dreaded month on Cape Cod because it’s still basically winter and then everything comes out the first week of May. Terrible for people with allergies but lovely to watch it happen.

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      1. Yes! I was actually think about this – I need to figure out my personal Skype (it’s been a while since I used it) but I’ll send you an Instagram message (I’m backstagekath there) once I figure out my username and stuff haha!

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