Craft Tote Week 5

This week the kids made tissue paper butterflies, made unicorn sticker mosaics, created with melty beads, colored a Halloween poster (thank you Kathleen!), made a butterfly lunch with apples, carrots, peanut butter, raisins, and peanuts, made hot air balloon May baskets, painted fingernails, played with pipe cleaners, and got a new pack of stickers. Doing a craft every morning has added some much needed structure to our quarantine days.

12 thoughts on “Craft Tote Week 5

  1. I sometimes make a butterfly pattern with pancake mix lol. Never with bagels though…very creative. It all looks like stuff I’d enjoy…well except painting my nails. I’m hopeless with nail polish, ALWAYS ends up in my hair!

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  2. Wow. They look like they aren’t killing one another or cutting each others hair . GOOD JOB !!!!!!! I wouldn’t have been able to stand it. I love my kids. but oh. May I suggest an activity? We would have backwards days once in awhile. I was the kid, they were the parent. We ate dessert before we ate dinner. We didn’t vacuum we didn’t clean. It was fun. I’ll have to ask my kids if they even remember it. Also if you have room to fly a kite……they loved that too

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