Tasty Tuesday

I’m still baking, but it is mostly repeats at this point. I continue to make all of our sandwich bread. I’ve made biscuits and banana bread. I can’t stop making cinnamon swirl bread.

I’ll probably stop baking as much now that summer is almost here. I try not to turn my oven on because it heats up my whole house.

Have you been baking lately?

18 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday

  1. In the summer, I follow the weather. If there is a day that is ‘high and dry’, I get up early and get all my baking in. If I heat up the house, I may as well make the most of it. My home holds the heat; it is a very tight house. Once it is warm inside, it stays warm inside. I try to be miserable once. But I am a productive miserable.

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  2. I use my bread machine so no heat there. For other baking I use either my air fryer or Breville Smart oven. Neither heat my kitchen. The crockpot is my other friend. My oven and stove top seldom get used after the first of May until the end of October. Yes, our summer heat (100 plus) lasts that long.

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  3. I’ve been baking cookies for my student’s goodie bags. I’m having a drive in party on Thursday. So far we have sugar cookies and snicker doodles. Tomorrow it will be chocolate refrigerator cookies, then chocolate chip cookies for DH.

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