WIP Wednesday

Well, I can’t very well start a pair of socks, what with the Pride Sock KAL starting next Monday. I can’t knit on a sweater outside without getting incredibly hot. There was only one thing to do.

Grab a skein of lace weight from the stash (it helps if you find a nice Romeldale Suri Alpac blend). CO some stitches stitches. K2, YO, K to 2 stitches before end of row, YO, K2. On the other side K2, K1 TBL, knit to next YO, K1 TBL, K2. Repeat those two rows. Congratulations! You are knitting a triangle.

Now, as I was winding this yarn there was an incident.

The incident led me to throw away my swift and about 50 g of yarn. Great news: I have a new swift coming (thanks to Karen for the tip about American made swifts sold at the Loopy Ewe).

Because of the incident, I don’t know if I’ll have enough yarn for a triangle shawl. If I don’t, when I realize I’m going to be short I’ll start knitting in the round and make it a shawl cowl thingy. Either way it will be fine.

I expect this shawl and/or cowl to be on the needles for years as it is already boring to knit. It will, however, be a great mindless piece to keep around for interesting television, good conversations, or hanging out with my Woolies (we get so chatty I forget to pay attention to my knitting).

18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I LOVE the blue yarn shades!!! So pretty. And oh I’ve been there with the tangles. I get upset that i was impatient and didn’t let my LYS wind it . I’d save MORE time and money if I did. I love triangle shawls and thanks for the reminder of how simple they are. !!!! It pains me the you lost that yarn. UGH!!! SO SORRY

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    1. My umbrella swift had been falling apart for a long time, and was held together with duct tape. The skein was kind of messy from the dyer. Those things together didn’t work. It was a big skein, over 100 g, so I think I still have enough for a small project.

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  2. Oh noooo not the pretty yarn! I must have made a horrified noise when I saw it, because the boyfriend came jogging in from the other room and asked what was up :p
    I find it quite therapeutic untangling yarn, but even I would pass on lace weight tangles. So fiddly.

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  3. Olivia says:

    Oh my god, just looking at that tangle nearly makes me scream! I can see why it all went into the bin, but, Perhaps you should’ve save some of it just in case you ran out of yarn. I’m still cringing


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