Another Reason to Read Blogs

I love reading blogs. I like feeling connected to other people with similar interests around the world. I’ve learned about new recipes to try, which lap desk I should get, knitting patterns to look at, and yarns to try all through blog posts.

Today I learned that I should keep better track of projects I’ve knit for the kids and put away. Today I was reading Bonny’s post about her recent cast ons. One of the yarns looked very familiar.

It was the same yarn and colorway I used for a sweater for Audrey two years ago.

I made the sweater big, so I could pull it out when she was around four. I had totally forgotten about it until I read Bonny’s post today.

I read the post. I searched for the sweater. I made Audrey try it on. It fits.

Please note this is a forced smile and she is faking it only so she can go back to watching Chuggington. Elliot’s cool guy pose, however, is totally unstaged.

If I wasn’t a person who reads blogs I never would have read Bonny’s post. I would have discovered the sweater too late for Audrey to wear. I don’t think it will fit her next winter.

I am thankful for all of my readers, but today I’m especially thankful for the blogger readers. Thank you for taking the time to share part of your life. Thank you for creating such a great sense of community. Thank you for continuing to write, especially since people seem to be leaping to shorter and faker forms of social media. I appreciate you. You make my life happier and more enjoyable.

Through bloggers I’ve been reminded to search for a sweater. I’ve received knitting advice for a persnickety sock project. I’ve learned which trashy romance novels are worth picking up. I’ve learned more things that I can link to in one post without looking like a weirdo. I’ve found a group of people who are nerdy about the same things I’m nerdy about. I’ve found people I care about. I found a blog tribe (although, to be fair, most of them would probably roll their eyes upon hearing that term, which is one of the things I like about them).

I hope all of the bloggers in my life continue to write. I also hope that more people start to blog. It’s a great way to get to know people. It’s also a hand way to be reminded of sweaters that you forgot you knit.

15 thoughts on “Another Reason to Read Blogs

  1. What a great stroke of luck to find that beautiful sweater while your daughter can still wear it! I have been enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you, too. I agree – it’s so interesting getting to know people all over the world! Here’s to many more discoveries 🙂

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  2. Wow, what a great and colorful sweater! I hope she loves it.

    I agree about blogging and reading others blogs. It’s more intimate than social media. I’ve also been burned on social media, so I have anxiety about interacting, especially on Facebook. Blogging is a more thoughtful interface.

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  3. I love everything about this post! I agree: the blogging/knitting community is amazing and I love feeling connected to people like you, people who are like me in any number of ways. I love that you were reminded to find the gorgeous sweater so she could wear it again! I love that you share your perfectly adorable kids. Thanks for writing and reading!! 🙂

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