Another Reason to Read Blogs

I love reading blogs. I like feeling connected to other people with similar interests around the world. I’ve learned about new recipes to try, which lap desk I should get, knitting patterns to look at, and yarns to try all through blog posts.

Today I learned that I should keep better track of projects I’ve knit for the kids and put away. Today I was reading Bonny’s post about her recent cast ons. One of the yarns looked very familiar.

It was the same yarn and colorway I used for a sweater for Audrey two years ago.

I made the sweater big, so I could pull it out when she was around four. I had totally forgotten about it until I read Bonny’s post today.

I read the post. I searched for the sweater. I made Audrey try it on. It fits.

Please note this is a forced smile and she is faking it only so she can go back to watching Chuggington. Elliot’s cool guy pose, however, is totally unstaged.

If I wasn’t a person who reads blogs I never would have read Bonny’s post. I would have discovered the sweater too late for Audrey to wear. I don’t think it will fit her next winter.

I am thankful for all of my readers, but today I’m especially thankful for the blogger readers. Thank you for taking the time to share part of your life. Thank you for creating such a great sense of community. Thank you for continuing to write, especially since people seem to be leaping to shorter and faker forms of social media. I appreciate you. You make my life happier and more enjoyable.

Through bloggers I’ve been reminded to search for a sweater. I’ve received knitting advice for a persnickety sock project. I’ve learned which trashy romance novels are worth picking up. I’ve learned more things that I can link to in one post without looking like a weirdo. I’ve found a group of people who are nerdy about the same things I’m nerdy about. I’ve found people I care about. I found a blog tribe (although, to be fair, most of them would probably roll their eyes upon hearing that term, which is one of the things I like about them).

I hope all of the bloggers in my life continue to write. I also hope that more people start to blog. It’s a great way to get to know people. It’s also a hand way to be reminded of sweaters that you forgot you knit.

The 100 Days Project

I’m officially done with the 100 days project. I am very proud of myself for blogging every day for those 100 days. I managed to do it even when we were on the road.

The project helped me get back into writing every day. It is something I didn’t realize that I missed. I plan to continue writing almost every day, but I am giving myself permission to take breaks if I’m travelling or having a day where I’m just not feeling it.

The project also made me realize how much I adore blogging in general. I love reading other posts. I had fallen out of the habit of staying up on my favorite blogs, but this project got be back on feedly catching up on my blogs every day or two.

I find reading blogs so much more satisfactory than catching up on Instagram (or any other social media platform). Instagram is so curated. My feed is filled with perfect finished knitting projects, not projects that the knitter ended up hating. I see posts with perfect moms taking their kids on fancy vacations, when my budget allows for a vacations in a friend’s camper. Blogs make me feel better about myself, not worse.

Blogs give me the bigger picture. Sometimes it is positive – I love how this turned out, the pattern was well written and the yarn was perfect for this shawl. Sometimes it is negative – this is my finished knitting project, these are the 8 reasons knitting it sucked, it’s done and now I’m going to donate it because if I ever have to look at it again I’m going to scream and attack it with scissors. Life isn’t all positive, and blogging is far more likely to show both the good and the bad.

This project made me realize I want to spend less time looking at Instagram and more time supporting other bloggers. I encourage you to join me in finding other voices speaking their truth through blogging. When you find good blogs please share them with me. I am looking to add to my blog list and cut back on the people I follow on social media.

Writing More and Guest 5 on Friday

I have missed blogging. Not so much the pressure of having semi-correct grammar or not using bad swear words in posts (I don’t give a damn about mild swears), but the act of writing. Getting thoughts out of my head and down on a page. As an introvert, I tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but blogging forces me to share more. It is a good thing.

Just because I’ve missed it doesn’t mean it has been easy to sit down and make the time to write. When I’m writing I could be knitting…or cooking..or talking to John…but mostly knitting. As it gets colder out it gets harder and harder to pull myself away from the wool on my needles. Especially when it is this beautiful.


Luckily I have a friend, JoAnna from She’s (mostly) harmless,  in the same boat. She’s my partner in the world’s smallest writing group. We’ve committed to meeting monthly to discuss writing and workshop ideas. It is nice to get out of the house, discuss ideas, and pound nutella hot chocolate like it’s my job (bless you, Gateway Market, for creating some delicious Type 2 Diabetes in a cup).


One of the fun things about having a writing group with someone is collaborating with them. Which leads me to this week’s 5 on Friday. It’s a guest post from JoAnna this week all about her. If you find her to be delightful, and trust me, you should, you can find her on her blog.

5 on Friday

  1. I’m an introvert – I hate people. It’s not personal, really. I would just rather be alone.
  2.  I like animals better than you. They’re just easier. See number 1.
  3. My hobbies include sewing, knitting, and baking.
  4. I’m an old soul trapped in a young(er) person’s body. See number 3.
  5. I’m sarcastic and I swear a lot. May also be a salty old sailor.                                           Note to self: see therapist re: multiple personality disorder.

Every Friday I share five things I think you should know about. Are there any Friday Fives you would like to hear about? Please share your ideas with me.