WIP Wednesday


Every week I’m surprised how fast we get to Wednesday. I don’t know where this year is going, but I would like it to slow down. It is almost time to decorate for Christmas. I’m happy to report that the stockings are done. They will be handed off to my aunt for her to deliver them to my cousin later this week. I need to get them blocked before then. I need to get on that, but I really hate blocking so I’m procrastinating as long as possible.

I’m still working on the weather map socks. They are moving along slowly. Very slowly. I finally turned the heel on the second sock. I hope to have them completed by the end of the week. I have plans for those needles.


I told my Mom I would make her socks for Christmas, so I would like to get started on them. Especially because I’ll see her next week and I have never written down how l knit her socks before I start the toe. I want to knit them far enough for her to try on so I can make her a good fitting sock. I’ll be writing down her foot length so I won’t have to measure the socks on her feet the next time I make her a pair.

After I finish her socks I’m going to make a pair of felted slippers for my mother-in-law. I make her a pair almost every year, and she wears them out almost every year. It is so nice to make someone something and know that it gets used. A lot.

When I finish the socks and the slippers I’m done with Christmas knitting. I’m excited to have a goal that I can accomplish without stressful end of December knitting.

I am hoping to go through my stash and pull out what I will never knit with. I’m planning a stash bash with my crafternoon group. Whatever isn’t taken I’ll donate. I am feeling overwhelmed with the amount of yarn in my stash and I think it will be freeing to let go of it. Please note that I am not counting sock yarn as stash because that will eventually be made into socks, so I’m not going to stress about that.

What are you knitting for Christmas? Do you ever get weighed down by your stash?


WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. I’ve been stuck at home with sick kids all week. That has led to lots of cuddles, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and knitting.

I finished John’s Christmas socks. I just finished them about 10 minutes ago, and now I’m trying to figure out how I can get them blocked without him noticing. I think it will involve a warm sunny day and me not forgetting that I need to block them.

I finished the stocking I had been working on and started the second one. I am hoping that now that I’m done with John’s socks the stocking will fly. I think it will.

Once I finish the stocking my big project will be finishing the huge cardigan that I haven’t touched in months. After that I’ll make a sweater for Elliot.

I have only worked a few rows on the weather map socks this week. They look the same as last week so I didn’t bother taking a picture.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I finished my sport weight socks as expected. I will try to remember to post photos after they are blocked.

I’ve got three active projects this week. First up is a pair of Bears socks for John in worsted weight. They are going pretty fast. I’m only working on them when he isn’t around, as they are going to be a Christmas present for him.

When he is around and I am not up to working charts I’m making myself a pair of socks that is knitting up like a beautiful weather map. I love them.

I have made some good progress on the stocking this week. I would have more done, but my eye surgery set me back a couple of days. I hope to have a lot more progress done next week.

Have a great week!

WIP Wednesday

Ahhh….Wednesday. We’ve made it to the middle of the week. Here in Des Moines it actually feels like fall outside. We are getting close to being able to wear wool socks. John has been wearing his all week, but he works in a frigid office so wool socks are his norm.

This week I finished Elliot’s socks for Mary-Claire for Christmas. I feel OK posting them here because I love them so much I already sent her a picture. It would be a real shame if these socks got lost before Christmas (bwahahaha).


I blocked my Wonder Woman Wrap. It is amazing. I used Malibrigo in Ravelry Red and Yarn Love Yarn in Saffron, so it is smooshy and fancy. I can’t wait to wear it. The problem is I don’t have many occasions to wear a superhero shawl. Oh well. I will look amazing every time I go to a movie that features Wonder Woman (Justice League comes out on November 17, so I don’t have to wait long).20170928_182419

I mentioned months ago that I am making Christmas stockings for my cousin’s boys because she gives me the most amazing hand me downs. Well, it is suddenly October so I really need to get going on those. Her mom flies to Virginia to visit her next week, and I don’t think I’ll be able to give her the stockings to deliver. Don’t you agree? This is the first stocking. I have a long way to go. Luckily she’s headed back out for Thanksgiving, so I should be able to get them done by then.20171004_192252

I’m also working on a pair of slipper socks for myself. They are not technically slippers. I’m just using a pattern for socks in DK or worsted. I spend most of the winter lazing about my house in socks. I thought a nice thick pair would be lovely. I’m using yarn a friend decided to purge from her stash. I thought it was DK, but I eventually found the label and it is sport. Ooops. Had I known that I would have looked for another pattern. They will be fine though. They knit up incredibly quickly. I might make a few pairs for myself to get me through the winter. I think they would work as real socks in Danskos or Uggs because those are a bit floppy on my feet to being with. 20171004_192346

So that’s where I’m at this week. I am not sure what I’ll get done in the next week. I assume I’ll finish the purple slipper socks and get some work done on the stockings. I’m having lens implants inserted tomorrow, so I might not be able to see well enough to knit for a few days. I might cast on something bulky in garter stitch – I could knit that even if I can’t see.

Have a lovely week! I hope you’re able to wear your wool socks soon.

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I missed last week, so there is a lot to update you on.

I finished the Sonora Sunset socks and the Wonder Woman Wrap. I haven’t blocked either. Tomorrow looks to be sunny, so I hope to get that done.

The only thing I’m actively working on is a pair of socks for Elliot to give Mary-Claire for Christmas. I’m using the simple SKYP pattern and knitting with Hawthorn hand painted in a colorway she picked out.  I had to make a run to Kansas City last week, so I was able to get a lot of knitting done in the car. I hope to finish the socks soon and then cast on the DK weight socks I was thinking about two weeks ago.

I have a 17 month old on my lap who is randomly pushing buttons on the keyboard, so I’m going to leave it here. What should I knit after the socks? I need inspiration!


WIP Wednesday

It is suddenly super hot here again, which makes it hard to reach for knitting. It is our local fall festival this weekend, and temps will be in the 90s. It sure doesn’t feel like fall. We’ve been outside a lot, but I have managed to make some knitting progress.

I have 12 rows left on my Wonder Woman Wrap. That’s about 4 hours of work. Because the rows take so long I’m concerned I’m going to get sick of it and throw it in a bag in my closet alongside my retirement cardigan. As a preventative measure I’m only doing three rows a day, so I never get totally disgusted with it. If all goes well next week I’ll tell you how happy I am to be done with it. The rows take a long time and it is garter, so it gets mind-numbingly tedious, but it is gorgeous and I really do love it.

My socks are moving along, slowly. I’m currently on the heel flap of the second sock. I think I’m going to try some DK slipper socks next. I’ve never made DK socks before, so I’m starting to look for a pattern. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Wish me luck in getting my wrap done, please.

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I was able to get a lot of knitting in this weekend.

I finished my Halloween socks. I love how they look, but they are a little loose. I cast on a new pair of Felici socks for myself a few days ago and went down a needle size. I’m hope having a pair in each size will help me decide what size I should use for plain vanilla socks.

I finished all of the yellow on the Wonder Woman Wrap. I can’t wait to get started on the next section, but it will have to wait until I have the time to sit down and knit for a couple of hours straight. It is a short row section. Short rows, like turning the heel and picking up the gusset on the sock, are easier for me to do in one sitting.

I hope to start working on the cardigan again soon. It’s in the low 70s today, which means cardigan weather is fast approaching.

I hope you get lots of knitting done this weekend!