Feeling Souper

I don’t like being stuck at home. I am dealing with it by cooking and baking.

Today I made French bread. I needed four slices to top the soup I was making, so obviously I needed to bake two loaves. I’ll use the rest of the bread for sandwiches, French toast, and probably for the bread in an egg bake this weekend.

I made some chocolate chip cookies. I was excited to try the recipe, because it only makes 12 small cookies. Not only is it a small batch recipe, it starts with browned butter, which I adore. The problem is the cookies are unremarkable and bland. These will not be made again.

I mentioned yesterday that we were having French onion soup for dinner. Oh my gosh. The soup made up for the bad cookies.

The kids are tired and grumpy, but other than that they are symptom free. They had fun today playing with the dog and drinking out of weird things from the recycling. Elliot drank out of a peanut butter jar and Audrey drank out of a wine bottle. They thought they were funny and cool. They are right.

I’m ready to get out of the house again. I’m so stir crazy I haven’t knit a stich yet today.

I hope you are having a souper Thursday.

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