Baking with Covid

My kids have been dealing with mild colds. Except it turns out they don’t have colds, they have covid. We’re stuck at home. How do I deal with that? I bake.

At lunch I made everything bagel seasoned cream cheese biscuits. I froze half of the formed but not baked biscuits to have another day. We had egg sandwiches and grapes and everyone was delighted.

It was the first day of a sprint for John, which means a very busy day at work. I had a Girl Scout cookie meeting during dinner. I wouldn’t have time to talk to John before bedtime, so I surprised him with peanut butter blondies. I like how the recipe uses a bread pan to make six bars. This isn’t a recipe I would make again, as blondies are better with butterscotch than with peanut butter.

Tomorrow I think I’ll make French bread to top the French onion soup we are having for dinner. I might try a small batch cookie recipe too. The kids have to quarantine and it is snowing outside. I might as well have some fun.

Have you been baking lately?

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