Thankful Saturday

I’m thankful that the Library Cafe does take out so I could have breakfast nachos instead of cooking breakfast this morning.

I’m thankful that John will someday be able to get his haircut again. Until then, I keep offering to give him a half pony.

I’m thankful that tonight is Skype night. I’ll be starting the call at 7:30 CST. If you want to join the call just send me a note with your Skype name on Instagram or Ravelry. If I have your Skype info and you are a regular on the calls I’ll add you as usual.

12 thoughts on “Thankful Saturday

  1. When you said breakfast nachos, I wasn’t sure what those would look like but they look DELICIOUS!! Glad you were able to get take out – I’m having takeout tomorrow and it will be the first time in like 8 weeks and I’m SO EXCITED.
    It was great to talk to you and everyone else tonight! How cool to connect to another knitting, insurance, religion nerd 😉

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    1. What are you ordering tomorrow? I am excited for you! I hope it is delicious. I’m glad you joined us. I can’t believe there is another knitting insurance religion nerd out there!


  2. Olivia says:

    I told my husband he starting to look like Bill Gates. He bought an electric razor And somehow thinks I’m going to use it to cut his hair. I’m hoping it gets lost in the mail

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