Craft Tote Week 6

This week we made trees in a virtual zoo tots class, played with glitter glue, made new play dough, played with Action Plates (this was picked twice as the craft last week), and made crayons.

We had two rainy days this week, which kept us inside. We used the first day to make cars out of boxes. Once their cars were done I made popcorn and they went to a “drive-in movie”. They didn’t want to watch an actual movie, so we watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The second day they made trailers for their cars and we watched another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It kept them busy decorating their boxes for about an hour each day, which was great.

I hope everyone in your house is staying safe and crafty.

11 thoughts on “Craft Tote Week 6

  1. Oh my goodness! I have vivid memories of watching the Winter Olympic in the car my mom helped us make when I was in kindergarten! (Winter in Minnesota)…we played in that thing for a couple of months I think! Great idea, and I love the trailers too!

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  2. Olivia says:

    Clever use of the boxes that are piling up to the sky and making me worried that they are cutting down too many trees to get us our goods. I’m going to be glad when I can go shopping for myself with my cloth bags again

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