What Should I Make?

I have several projects on the needles. I have even more I need to get started on. And yet…..

Yarn Geek makes the prettiest yarn.

I have one skein of Yarn Geek in the Dr. Nancy Grace Roman colorway. She is known as Mother of the Hubble and the yarn looks a lot like the Milky Way in the hank, and more purple in the cake. It is sparkly and delightful.

I had been planning on making a hitchhiker, which my friend assures me is OK to make with one normal skein instead of the 1 1/2 skein used in the pattern. But now I’m thinking a sockhead cowl would be a better use for it.

What do you think I should make? What do you like to make when you have a stunning skein of fingering weight yarn? I usually make socks, but I think I should branch out.

18 thoughts on “What Should I Make?

  1. Okay, two things: 1) I did not get to see the Darwin yarn project this weekend! And 2) Have you made a Hitchhiker before? Some of mine have turned out a little short, so I prefer to have extra yarn on hand. Obviously YMMV but I would vote for cowl!

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  2. Gorgeous! I think the scarf will show off the yarn better than a cowl will. For myself, when I have a fabulous yarn, I nearly always make a shawl. If necessary, I choose a complementary color yarn to extend the yardage.

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