48 Hours of Crafting

On Friday afternoon my sister Kathleen, her best friend Amy, and I headed 3 hours south to Kansas City for a weekend of crafting. We brought a lot of stuff.

We got a lot of crafting done on Friday night, partying hard until almost 10:30. The next day we were well rested and ready to knit/crochet/make cards/scrapbook. We were also ready to be more social.

Kirsten (BFF who lives in St. Louis) arrived with Luke. He is such a good baby she was able to get some knitting done.

Bonny from BonnyKnits met up with us too. We had never met in real life. If you are like me, when you are reading blogs you think “oh gosh, I could totally be friends with this person in real life.” I was really nervous to meet her, because what if she was not at all fun and it was really awkward? But the good news is she is a total delight and now we are friends in real life. Now I want to meet more of my blogging buddies, because meeting Bonny was so great.

Bonny took Kirsten and I to her favorite yarn store. If she ever invites you to Yarn Social do not go unless you want to buy all of the things. It is the best yarn store I’ve ever been to in my decade of perusing yarn shops. It is filled with indie dyers and small labels. I wanted to buy it all. If I win the lottery I’m going back to Yarn Social and spending $1000.

I ended up buying a skein of hue loco yarn in the colorway High Five. I’ll make beautiful yarn with it someday. I also picked up two stickers. They are already on my laptop. I bought a rainbow yarn ball sheep pin and a #wip pin (because I’m a WIP).

This morning we squeezed in a bit more crafting before hitting the road. We will be having a crafting weekend again. Maybe you will want to head to the Midwest to join us….if we don’t get together in the winter.

17 thoughts on “48 Hours of Crafting

  1. Well I’m super jealous, that sounds like such a fun weekend. If I win the lottery I shall be flying to Alaska, Kansas, Ohio, Finland etc to meet blogging friends. I sometimes visit Michigan to visit the family I au paired for 28 years ago.

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