Thankful Saturday

Karen, over at Nothing But Knit is doing a series of thankful posts every Saturday in November. I’ve decided to join her in sharing things I’m thankful for every Saturday. If you are feeling Thankful feel free to join us.

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Knitting. It keeps me calm and reduces my stress.
  • Wrigley. She is a snuggly dog who keeps me warm on cold nights. She is very good with the kids. We don’t appreciate her enough.
  • The freedom to explore outside. I’ve spend more time outside this year than any year since I was a kid. Being in the fresh air has improved my mood significantly.
  • Gear. It’s getting cold here now. I am thankful for the gear I have that makes it possible for us to continue to enjoy the outdoors. Base Layers. Good coats. Fleece lined jeans. Lots of wool accessories. Good boots. I’m thankful for them all.
  • Coffee. It makes mornings better.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope it is filled with warm beverages and good books or projects.

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