Center Grove Orchard

We spend at least one day a week from September to Halloween at Center Grove Orchard. It is full of outdoor fun and activities about 30 minutes from our house. This is the second year we’ve purchased season passes to the orchard, and I’m sure we will get them again next year.

Today the orchard closed for the season. I’m going to miss loading up the kids to spend hours in the country, riding the train, bouncing on the jumping pillow, and playing in the corn pool.

Do you have any ideas to get us outside and enjoying fresh air this winter?

9 thoughts on “Center Grove Orchard

  1. What a great tradition:) It looks like the kids really enjoy it.
    I have 2 ideas for getting outside. You could set up a scavenger hunt that you could stretch out over multiple locations and visits. It would require taking photos ahead of time but it would make for a fun time. Or you could set up adventures to towns, shopping centers or parks you don’t normally visit. Then visit attractions like a tourist.

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      1. When does snow usually start in your area? Oh, I know the feeling of doing stereotypical things. I get it every once in a while up here, too, when we are doing very Alaska things. But you are all having fun, so why not!

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