Snow Day

Yesterday our world was a snow globe. Snow fell in huge flakes all day and the wind whipped it around. It was a beautiful day to stay inside.

I got a text yesterday morning telling me that Audrey’s swim lessons were cancelled. Twice a week she is in the pool until 8:15. She is normally in bed with the lights out at eight. The days after swim lessons are difficult for all of us, but especially Audrey. She is so tired she doesn’t realize how cranky she is. We were all happy to have a surprise night off from swimming.

This morning we woke up to sunny skies and warming temperatures. We threw the snowshoes in the car, grabbed the dog, and headed south of town 30 minutes to where they had 10 inches of fresh snow. After a quick stop at Dunkin’ we were headed off on an adventure.

Now, this was not the idyllic adventure I had hoped for. This was an adventure where I forgot the dog treats and the kids forgot snow pants. One of the snowshoe poles broke. After 10 minutes we turned around. I wanted to keep going, but pushing them when they are not feeling it doesn’t work for us. I would rather stop early and preserve their love of nature.

I’m glad we went. I’m also glad we turned around. Elliot’s snowshoes were off as soon as he saw the parking lot.

We will try again the next time we have a lot of snow. Until then we will be building snowmen and throwing snowballs.


I haven’t been interested in working on any of my big projects, so I’ve been working on small projects. Elliot decided he wanted mittens connected with a string, just like Audrey. He wanted one purple and one gold, as he likes the UNI Panthers.

Once the mittens were done he decided he needed a hat. I had enough yarn leftover to make that happen.

We have been so busy lately. We joined a homeschool co-op that has been a wonderful addition to our lives. Audrey started twice weekly swim lessons and hopes to join the swim team this year. I plan to keep posting, but in all likelihood it won’t be as often as I used to post. I hope you are all doing well!


Today I was brave. Two years after breaking my ankle leaving the ice I was back on the ice. I didn’t last long. I may have cried a little. But I did it, and I will do it again. If I keep at it I’ll be back to skating laps soon.

Toasty Tuesday

Last week Audrey asked for mittens attached with a string so she won’t lose them. Lucky for her I was at a point in my WIPs where I wanted to throw them out the window. I made Thick and Quick √Ālafosslopi¬†Mittens from Sand & Sky Creations. The yarn is 3 ply chunky Polypay from Long Way Homestead. Audrey dyed the yarn with Kool Aid last March.

These mittens will be great for playing in the snow. They are knit at a very tight gauge (you know, the kind that makes your hands hurt a little bit). The yarn feels like the sort of yarn Ma Ingalls would use to make mittens for Laura: not super soft, but will stand up to anything.

What do you knit when you need a break from your current projects?