Now where was I?

Whelp, I didn’t mean to take a month off from blogging. Nor did I mean to take a read off of reading other blogs. Yet I did.

We’ve been busy.

I hope you are all well.

4 thoughts on “Now where was I?

  1. Love the photo of the (presumably hand knit) socks on the spinning wheel. Blogging, and reading blogs, should be a joy, or recreational, not a chore! That being said, it’s good to see you’ve been out and about and having what looks like a good time.

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  2. I love these photo and video montages. On Dax’s podcast this week he was saying he doesn’t know how kids today will even know where to start at looking at old photos because everyone takes so many these days. It’s not like when we were kids and there was one or two actual photo albums of our whole childhood. These videos though are brilliant snapshots and I assume recorded indefinitely.

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