FO Friday

I’ve been busy this week. I have two projects to share with you.

Audrey’s hat is done. The pompom is from my Stitched Together Studio grab bag. I thought I would never use it, but Audrey loved it, so I went stash diving for yarn. I used some fingering weight sparkly silk that I got for $3 in the odds and ends bin at my LYS. The black is leftover yarn from the Hawkeye and Bee hats I made this winter. I love how the rustic yarn and smooth silk work together to tone down the silk and create a combo that works well with the pompom.

My Water is done. I enjoyed knitting this pattern. I love the yarn (Jill Draper Makes Stuff) and would like to make a sweater out of it. The color is so deep I kept thinking the dye would crock (it never did). There wasn’t even any blue dye in the water when I blocked it. As much as I love the yarn, I do with I would have picked a worsted spun yarn instead of a woolen spun, as it is difficult to see the wave pattern.

It feels good to have finished two projects this week. I’m stull not that mobile, so I’ll take productivity wherever I can find it.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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