WIP Wednesday

I’ve been working away on my projects this week. I’m shocked how much work I’ve gotten done on the sweater. I need to thank Liz for leaving a comment on the sweater last week, as it got me thinking about it, and I remembered why I started the sweater in the first place. I think I’m really going to like wearing this when it is done. I’m now past the pockets and I’m about halfway to the yoke. I changed the stitch markers and progress keepers to gifts from good friends, and that small change has me cruising along as I think about knitting friends.

I’m trying focus my work on the Outline Wrap, as I would like to use the needles for the Water shawl starting next Monday. I have 10 20g skeins to go after my current color, so the chances of me finishing this by next Monday are slim to none. I’m having fun working on this as I listed to podcasts and I watch TV. If I were to make it again I would add two or three more repeats, as I would prefer a wider wrap.

Progress marker shows where I was last week.

How are your projects coming along? Have you rekindled fondness for any of your projects?

15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I had to go back and look at what I’d written as I didn’t remember, now it’s reminded me I still haven’t touched that brioche scarf. I am thinking I am going to frog it, two colour brioche isn’t for me and now I am thinking perhaps weaving the two colours will work better, but it still won’t go with anything and then I wonder why I bought the yarns. Anyhoo enough of my numptyness. I’m glad you are back enjoying your jumper and the shawl is very pretty. It took me a minute to find the progress keeper, you have so many pretty ones.

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