July Blanket Progress

How on earth is it the end of July? Please explain to me how this month could go by so fast. If you are unable to do that, feel free to tell me that I’m just very confused and it’s only July 12. I would also accept that. I just don’t want this summer to end.

When I look at my blanket this month compared to last month I can see that 31 days have past. Without the proof of blanket squares I would never believe it.20180731_0836147806295130515662712.jpg

Another thing I can’t believe is how big Elliot is getting. He got his haircut today and now I’m weepy over how he doesn’t look like a baby anymore.


So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pout about how fast summer and childhood go by.


May Blanket Progress


I love how the new scrap yarn blanket is turning out. I knit one square every day. I will be working on this for about three years, and will update the blog with a picture of it at the end of every month.

I started the blanket in mid-April, and I’ve made a lot of progress this month. I always keep a stitch marker on the most recent Sunday square, that way I can keep track of the squares. With travel and busy days I don’t always remember if I have knit a square yet until I count out squares from the marker. It has been very helpful.